Jack Black Makes His TikTok Debut, Becomes Hero of ‘Stay At Home’ With His Dance

Jack Black is truly a Renaissance man. He acts. He vlogs. He writes. He’s in a freakin’ rock band. And best of all, he makes people laugh. Knowing that, should any of us be surprised that he would have something cool to offer the world during this period of quarantine?

We should not. Black stepped into the TikTok arena and netizens can’t get enough.

Jack Black
Jack Black | Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Jack Black’s TikTok dance is what you need right now

It’s taking some celebrities time to join the TikTok wave, with most doing viral dance or lip sync challenges to entertain themselves and fans. Jack Black is the latest make his debut on the popular app, and his post serves as both must-see content and a PSA. You have to watch.

Shirtless and clad in black shorts, a cowboy hat and boots, Black is dancing to an original song that makes his TikTok #StayAtHomeDance hilariously mesmerizing. The whole video is Black at his finest. Could his dance become the new viral TikTok challenge? One can only hope.

If you’ve been hesitant about checking out what’s on TikTok, let this be the reason you get on board, even if it’s just for a moment. More importantly, pay attention to Black’s directive to stay home.

Fans love it and have it on repeat

In these times when coronavirus has many seeking lighthearted ways to cope, Black’s video is right on time. On social media, people are calling him their “perfect quarantine buddy” and “hero” while dishing out all the laughing emojis.

More than that, everyone is super impressed with his dance moves and knee dexterity. If you weren’t paying attention to the latter, you need to watch it again. The clip’s been viewed more than 6 million times, and some fans admit their fascination and giggles have gotten the best of them, causing them to hit “play” repeatedly.

There is also an abundance of well-deserved applause emojis flooding Black’s comment section. Head over to add yours too.

In case you missed it, Black has a vlog too

We realize YouTube is an ocean of content created by everyday people, corporations, and stars. If you were unaware that there’s a Jack Black vlog on the platform, now is the perfect time to check out his channel, “Jablinksi Games.”

There, you can catch Black’s warm-up routine for his “#StayAtHome” initiative (see below) where he explains how his knee game is so strong. For those of you with quarantine stretch/fitness goals, heed his advice.

But one can also enjoy videos of Black with his Tenacious D bandmates, hanging out with his kids, or watching him engage in one of his favorite pastimes: video games. There’s even a Minecraft face-off against PewDiePie. Of course, they’re all funny!

Black launched his vlog about one year ago and within that timeframe, amassed 12 million subscribers. He posts content pretty regularly, and once in a blue moon, another celebrity will pop up in a video.

Since Black’s grand TikTok launch, he’s posted a few other videos on the app, so fans know he’s just getting started. This is probably one account you’ll want to start following.