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Jack Harlow could have a huge hit on his hands. On April 8, the rapper released “First Class,” the second single from his upcoming album Come Home the Kids Miss You. Harlow’s new music interpolates Fergie‘s hit song “Glamorous,” and has become a viral sound on TikTok.

Jack Harlow attends the 2022 Nickelodeon Kid's Choice Awards
Jack Harlow | Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Jack Harlow teased the chorus of ‘First Class’ before its release

On March 31, Harlow shared a video on social media. In the video, Harlow listened to the chorus of “First Class” while in a studio.

“Locked in the studio finishing up this album for you. How bout this one next ?” Harlow wrote on Instagram.

On Harlow’s Instagram post, Fergie referenced the lyrics of “Glamorous” and commented “Flossy” with the green heart emoji.

The next day, Harlow revealed that “First Class” would drop on April 8. Ahead of its release, the chorus of “First Class” went viral as a sound on TikTok.

Jack Harlow’s single ‘First Class’ uses Fergie’s song ‘Glamorous’

On April 8, Harlow released “First Class” as a digital single along with a visualizer for the song on YouTube.

The song opens with the chorus fans of “First Class” already know, which interpolates “Glamorous” by Fergie.

“I been a (G), throw up the (L), sex in the (A.M.), uh-huh /(O-R-O-U-S, yeah) /And I can put you in (First class, up in the sky),” Harlow raps around Fergie’s original lyrics.

In the first verse of “First Class,” Harlow raps, “I can see the whole city from this balcony /Back in 2019, I was outside freely, but now they got it out for me /I don’t care what frat that you was in, you can’t alpha me, keep dreamin’.”


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What to expect from the rapper’s new album

Harlow will release his next album Come Home the Kids Miss You on May 6. In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, Harlow shared that the album is what he has “wanted to make” his “whole life.”

“I’m working with such incredible people that I’m not gonna do anything to take any of the light off them,” Harlow told Rolling Stone. “But I will proudly say that I was part of the production of the entire thing, because I just know what I want more than ever. I tell these guys I’m working with that I’m so grateful for them. Because I’m making the music I wanted to make my whole life.”

He continued, “Finally, I’m getting exactly what I’m looking for out of production, instead of reaching for something like I’ve been doing for so many years. And you’ll be able to hear the little bits of it in my discography along the way that led to this… And I’m sure on the next project, it’ll be an even more elite form of what I’m talking about.”