Jack Harlow Reveals ‘Nail Tech’ Is the Name of His Next Single

Jack Harlow has new music on the way. Over a year after the release of his first studio album, Thats What They All Say, the rapper is set to release a new single on Feb. 18. Harlow announced that the new single’s title is “Nail Tech” with a social media post.

Jack Harlow attends Variety 2021 Music Hitmakers Brunch
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Jack Harlow released a teaser trailer announcing new music

Before revealing the name of his new single, Harlow shared a teaser trailer on Feb. 10 announcing a song will drop on Feb. 18. The teaser shows Harlow having a conversation with a therapist as he worries about when to release his new music.

“Yeah, I mean I guess I’m just wondering, is it possible to be in love with two people at once?” Harlow asks in the trailer.

“Anything’s possible, Jack,” the therapist says. “But let’s shift focus.”

The therapist then presses Harlow to talk about work.

“So you still haven’t picked a new single?” She asks. “I’m just saying this is our 28th session. It’s a little overdue. Even my daughter is asking me, ‘Mom, when is he going to drop his new song?'”

“Well look, how old is your daughter?” Harlow asks.

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The therapist does not let Harlow change the subject and says, “Jack, I’m here to help you stay in the right headspace. What do you need? What do you need?”

“I need to drop,” Harlow answers.

“And when do you think you’re gonna be ready to do something like that?” The therapist asks.

“Next week,” says Harlow.

Jack Harlow’s new single is called ‘Nail Tech’

On social media, Harlow disclosed the name of his upcoming single is “Nail Tech.” The rapper also released the cover image for the single.

In the song’s cover, women are lined up to play football in the backyard. The cover image also includes a parental advisory for explicit content.

“Nail Tech” will be Harlow’s first solo project since 2020.

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The rapper is nominated for two Grammy Awards

While Harlow did not release any solo music in 2021, he did feature on other artists’ tracks. On July 23, 2021, Lil Nas X released the song “Industry Baby” featuring Harlow. Lil Nas X included the single on his 2021 album Montero.

The song debuted at No. 2 on the Billboard Hot 100 and later reached the top spot, becoming Harlow’s first No. 1 song on the chart.

“Industry Baby” received a nomination for Best Melodic Rap Performance at the upcoming 2022 Grammy Awards. Montero received a nomination for Album of the Year at the 2022 Grammy Awards, giving Harlow another nomination.

At the 2021 Grammy Awards, Harlow earned a nomination for Best Rap Performance for the song “Whats Poppin.”

The 64th Annual Grammy Awards will take place on April 3.

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