Jack Nicholson and Billy Joel Agree on the Big Problem With American Men: ‘There’s Nothing More Icky’

Billy Joel is a renowned singer and songwriter. He has entertained audiences everywhere with his music. In 2019, his net worth was about $225 million. He hung out with other famous singers, like when Paul McCartney visited his home. 

With a long and successful career, Joel pretty much has settled down at home with his wife. He often cooks his family food. He once admitted that he agreed with Jack Nicholson about his statement concerning men with small bellies. 

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Billy Joel’s successful career

Joel began his career at the young age of 14. He played the piano as a way to earn extra money for his family. Instead of going to college, he delved into the music industry. Almost everyone has heard one of his most signature songs, “Piano Man,” which was part of an album of the same name. The album became a hit upon release. Of course, fans would later call him “The Piano Man.” 

Joel’s career flourished when he produced his next album, The Stranger, a few years later. Many of his songs became classics. The legendary musician won six Grammy Awards and earned nominations for 23 Grammy Awards. 

During his time in the spotlight, many fans may have noticed that Joel is straightforward in interviews. When talking about hiding meat from Paul McCartney, he said that his refrigerator looked like “Jeffery Dahmer’s refrigerator.” He does not shy away from describing what happened and his opinions. 

The singer lives at home with his wife

Joel has not produced any new music for over 20 years. He is not touring like he used to either. However, he still holds concerts from time to time. In an update with Daily Mail, the musician shared that he likes to be at home with his fourth wife, Alexis. 

The two of them reside with their daughters in a luxurious house located in Oyster Bay, Long Island, near where he was born. The estate reportedly has gardens and a pet cemetery. 

His wife Alexis, who is 38 years old, used to work as a risk manager at Morgan Stanley. She stopped working so she could spend more time with Joel and their children. Joel is enjoying a stay-at-home kind of life.  

Billy Joel loves to cook pasta

Some people may be surprised to hear that the singer has been married four times. One of Joel’s previous wives was an American model named Christie Brinkley. With Alexis, he desires to do things differently. 

“Sure it’s different, but it’s different because of who she is. She didn’t have to give up her job, she wanted to. I wanted her to be around. She’s a good mate,” Joel explains. 

He talked about how they have an arrangement when it comes to house duties. He cooks meals, and she cleans. One meal he likes to make is pasta, which he usually prepares on Sunday. 

Billy Joel agrees with Jack Nicholson


Billy Joel’s Almost Disastrous Visit with Former Beatle Paul McCartney

A lot of fans may know Nicholson from his role in The Shining. The actor reportedly claimed that the issue with American men is having flat bellies. Joel agrees with this sentiment, saying, ” … there’s nothing more icky to me than a woman going out with a man and he’s picking at his food.”

“A guy on a diet is not a guy as far as I’m concerned. I can even judge a woman I’m dating by how she eats. If she picks at her food she’s not going to be good in bed,” Joel said to DailyMail.

The singer is someone who loves to eat, so it’s clear he judges men who diet and deprive themselves of health portions of delicious food — and he doesn’t seem to hold back with this judgment. It’s clear Sunday night pasta dinners at the Joel house require a big stomach — and probably enough for seconds!