‘Big Brother’ Stars Jackson Michie and Holly Allen Adopt a Dog Amidst Coronavirus Panademic

Already the proud owners of a rescue dog, Big Brother 21 showmance Jackson Michie and Holly Allen, decided to adopt another dog amidst the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. The couple has heavily documented their moments with Sahara and her interactions with their other dog, ironically named Jackson, through Instagram Stories as they shower them with attention and cuddles while obeying the Los Angeles stay-at-home orders.

Holly Allen Jackson Michie
Holly Allen and Jackson Michie | Ari Perilstein

Jackson Michie and Holly Allen met on ‘Big Brother 21’

In 2019, then 23-year-old Tennessee-native Jackson Michie and then 31-year-old wine safari guide competed alongside each other in Big Brother 21.

While the two were a part of the same alliances from the start, Jackson became romantically involved with another houseguest, Kathryn Dunn. After a couple of weeks, he broke it off to pursue Holly.

The couple were in the majority alliances alongside other showmance Jack Matthews and Analyse Talavera. However, Jackson revealed Holly and Kat’s pre-existing relationship to Jack, who outed them to the house, making the couple a bigger target.

Jackson and Holly then went on a challenge win streak and allied with outsiders Cliff Hogg III and Nicole Anthony, which kept the couple safe. They eventually made it to the Final Two together, the first showmance in BB history to do so.

Despite the jury’s displeasure in the way Jackson spoke to some of the female houseguests in the house, they awarded him the victory in a 6-3 vote due to his dominating gameplay.

Jackson Michie and Holly Allen continued dating after ‘Big Brother 21’

Even though many viewers didn’t think the showmance would last due to their age difference and fights while in the BB house, the couple is still going strong.

After the show wrapped, Jackson and Holly went to Las Vegas alongside several of their castmates. They also spent a lot of time at each other’s LA apartments before taking the next step and moving in together only a few months later.

Additionally, the couple met each other’s parents, families, and friends, who seemingly approve of the pairing, as they had already begun splitting holidays.

Jackson Michie and Holly Allen adopt a dog amidst pandemic

Malinois husky mix

Animal shelters, especially LA-based ones, have seen a coronavirus-related spike in pet adoptions since the mandatory quarantine. Because people are now forced to stay home, adopting a pet occupies their time and provides enjoyment for those self-isolating, couples, or families.

Jackson Michie

Therefore, Jackson and Holly decided to bring back a malinois and husky mix named Sahara on April 18, 2020. They chose the name because she was “left in the desert to die” and had to “fend off coyotes while taking care of her litter.” Additionally, Sahara has a sandy-colored coat and “a heart of gold as big as the desert.” The BB21 champ also noted he liked the name because of the uniqueness.

Malinois mix

After showering her with cuddles and attention, the couple began teaching her how to sit. Within two days, Sahara became accustomed to her new surroundings and started initiating play with their other dog, Jackson, who Holly adopted in 2016 and named after a Wyoming ski resort.