Jaclyn Hill Slammed on Twitter for Showing off Her Lamborghini

Twitter is once again freaking out about Jaclyn Hill, but this time it has nothing to do with her lipsticks or her company, Jaclyn Cosmetics. After a tumultuous 2019, Hill seems to be having a better year personally despite the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Hill has been very candid about getting help for her mental health issues and thus becoming happier and healthier overall.

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Hill’s personal strides seem to be bleeding over to her professional life as well. Her recent YouTube videos have her long-time fans declaring that “the old Jac is back.” The 29-year-old’s fans have stated that her recent videos are the most relaxed and authentic videos they’ve seen from her in many years. But, like any public figure, Hill is always receiving backlash and scrutiny for some reason or another. Currently, she’s receiving a lot of negativity because of a photo she posted of her car.

Jaclyn Hill shows off her luxury car on Instagram

On May 21, 2020, Hill took to her Instagram page and posted a picture of herself. In the photo, she is sitting in her luxury car, a Lamborghini, and giving the camera direct eye contact. “Alexa, play ‘Live your life’, 🎼” the Jaclyn Cosmetics founder captioned the photo. The image quickly racked up over 238,00 like and nearly 3,000 comments. But, not all of the comments were positive.

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Many people were outraged at the fact that Hill posted her luxury vehicle. As Lamborghini’s typically cost upwards of $200,000, people felt that the popular YouTuber was flaunting her wealth. They felt that her post was tone-deaf because of the economic crisis that we are currently in. Because of coronavirus, unemployment rates are sky-high. Furthermore, many people who have managed to retain employment are now struggling to pay rent and feed themselves and their families.

Critics slam the Jaclyn Cosmetics owner on Twitter

Because of the pandemic, critics felt that Hill was not being mindful of other people’s struggles. Taking to Twitter, they proceeded to send her negativity and accused her of bragging about her expensive lifestyle. “She is the definition of ‘can’t read the room’ ‘Hey let me show off a really expensive car while millions of people are unemployed and struggling to pay for food and stuff,'” one person tweeted, tagging Hill in their post.

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Alexa, play “Live your life”

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“Sorry but it’s tone-deaf AF right now to post photos of yourself showing off a Lambo,” another Twitter user stated. “It’s really offensive to live in a mansion and take pictures cause you’re bored as fuck at this time,” yet another person sounded off. While some people were in support of the criticism that Hill was receiving, others were completely baffled by it and jumped in to defend the makeup guru.

Does Hill receive unnecessary hate?

One fan argued that Hill had the car prior to the coronavirus outbreak and didn’t understand why she shouldn’t be allowed to take a picture of it. “She had the car before the pandemic and it’s really just a harmless photo i-,” one person wrote. Another person stated that Hill’s critics go out of their way to find reasons to hate on her. “I’m not the biggest Jaclyn fan but da*n y’all drag her for anything she does,” another Twitter user shared. Personally, we think posting a Lamborghini is never “relatable” to most people, but we’d hardly fault Hill for posting hers.