Is This The Real Reason Jaclyn Hill Hasn’t Returned To Twitter?

Jaclyn Hill has been in and out of headlines for the past few months, but for all the wrong reasons. The 29-year-old is still coping with her fair share of drama and controversy following the launch of Jaclyn Cosmetics. In case you need a refresher course, in late May Hill announced her highly anticipated cosmetics company. Her first launch featured her So Rich Lipsticks and sold out within minutes with fans praising her on Instagram and Twitter. But things quickly went south shortly after the launch.

Jaclyn Hill
Jaclyn Hill | Desiree Navarro/WireImage

The Jaclyn Cosmetics lipstick drama

Unfortunately, customers quickly reported that Hill’s lipsticks were contaminated, having found everything from plastic shards to rat hair embedded in their lipsticks. After weeks of denial and defense, Hill eventually refunded every customer for their purchase. Shortly after, Hill deactivated her Twitter and Instagram accounts. Since then she has returned to Instagram and YouTube but not Twitter. But just what is the reason for that choice?

Social media hiatus

Following Hill‘s social media hiatus, which lasted nearly a month, many sources reported that she had deleted all of her social media profiles. However, that is not necessarily accurate. What is more likely is that Hill disabled/deactivated both her Twitter and her Instagram pages so that she could one day return to the platforms.

Why she didn’t deactivate her YouTube page

Furthermore, Hill made a wise business decision to keep her YouTube up and running throughout her hiatus, because her videos directly contribute to her salary. Because of Hill’s incredible popularity on YouTube, she earns money off of each and every video.

YouTube is often a case of any publicity is good publicity because it still drives people to the platform to watch the videos. For example, when Hill was being critiqued for her super defensive explanation video of her lipsticks, many fans and critics were flocking towards the video to draw their own conclusions. This, in turn, drove up the views on the video and in turn put more money in HIll’s pocket.

Returning to YouTube and Instagram

Nearly two weeks ago, Hill broke her social media hiatus by posting her first post-scandal video to YouTube entitled “Where I’ve Been”. “I just want to start off by saying, this video might be the biggest mistake of my entire career, but that’s ok. I have had so many people tell me to not address anything, not talk about anything,” Hill started off her video before launching in a near 20-minute stream of consciousness. Since then, Hill has also returned to Instagram, posting pictures of her everyday life and addressing those who are attempting to body shame her for a recent weight gain. However, through all this, Hill has been noticeably absent from Twitter.

Why isn’t Hill back on Twitter

But just why isn’t Hill back on Twitter? While we can’t be positive about the 29-year-old’s reasoning, we have a strong inkling that the reason she is avoiding the platform is due to the amount of hate she is receiving on Twitter.

While some diehard fans have no issue forgiving Hill for her mistakes, others are not so generous. Though the scandal broke a couple of months ago, fans and critics alike on Twitter are not at all ready or willing to let Hill off the hook. In fact, despite Hill’s continued absence from the platform, she is still getting dragged on the daily.


Twitter users have a Jaclyn Hill hashtag where the continue to call Hill out for her behavior. Many have accused the Jaclyn Cosmetics CEO of lying, claiming that they still haven’t received the refund that they were promised well over a month ago. Others maintain that she’s lying about her weight gain and using it as a ploy for sympathy so that fans will forgive her for the lipstick drama.

Of course, some critics just enjoy trolling the beauty vlogger for her mistakes. With all the hate that Hill is receiving on Twitter, we can understand why she is still avoiding the platform like the plague. Unfortunately for her, Twitter is home to the pettiest of trolls, and we have a feeling they’re more than happy to wait her out.