Jaclyn Hill Is Back: The Internet’s Best Reactions To Her YouTube Return

Jaclyn Hill has returned. Following a social media hiatus that lasted several weeks, the 29-year-old YouTube vlogger is back online and engaging with her 5.9 million YouTube followers once more. Hill rolled out her comeback on Tuesday with a 19-minute long video entitled “Where I’ve Been.” Uploaded on Tuesday, July 23, the video is currently trending at #3 on YouTube and has racked up a whopping 2.6 million views and counting. The video basically serves as a stream of consciousness for Hill and explains her need for a hiatus. But just how are people reacting to the video? Let’s take a look at some of the internets best reactions to Hill’s comeback.

Jacyln Hill YouTube influencer
Jaclyn Hill | Photo by Desiree Navarro/WireImage

Those who tell it like it is

Part of Hill’s new strategy for her comeback YouTube video was trying not to “play the victim”. In the video, Hill went out of her way to ensure fans that she dressed in bright colors, used a bright background, and wore makeup to convince people that she was not looking for sympathy. “I’m sorry guys, I know I’m not supposed to cry, and I’m going to try my best to edit any tears out, of course, because that’s not the message I want to get across,” the 29-year-old stated. Still, despite Hill’s best efforts, some fans still felt the need to call out the fact that her tearful behavior was not indicative of a CEO.

Those who are diehard fans

Of course, there are plenty of loyal fans and followers who are willing to give Hill another chance. On YouTube alone, the comeback video has over 102,000 likes. There are also plenty of people on Twitter and Instagram who are openly showing the beauty vlogger love and support. Dubbing themselves “true followers” and “real fans” these people are more than willing to buy more Jaclyn Cosmetics products in the future.

Those who have better things to talk about

Naturally, there are a fair amount of people that are completely over the lipstick drama altogether. This controversy has been ongoing for the past couple of months and they recognize that there are far more important things to be invested in, such as human rights. Honestly, we don’t disagree.


Those who find the video pointless

Many fans were altogether baffled by Hill’s return. Since she elected not to address any of the rumors surrounding her controversial So Rich lipsticks, fans couldn’t really see the point of the video. Others were quick to speculate that the real reason that Hill chose to make this video is the same reason she deleted every social media platform but her YouTube page: to make money. After all, Hill does make a pretty hefty check from her YouTube videos, and this one has the power to rake in some serious dough.

Those demanding a recall

Other critics were disgusted that through all of the drama, Hill still has not recalled her lipsticks. With fans reporting everything from rat hair to plastic beads found embedded in their lipsticks, Hill and her team have still maintained that her products are 100% safe to use. This is literally a dangerous claim as Hill herself said on Twitter and YouTube that her products contained contaminants. Noting Hill’s hesitancy to recall her products, fans have started a petition for the FDA to take action which currently has over 29,000 signatures.


Those who have lost all respect

People are certainly not holding back with their harsh criticism. Throughout the lipstick controversy, former followers have stated that they’ve completely lost resepct for the YouTuber because of the way she has handled the situation. Stick a fork in them, cause they’re done.

Those who peep the endgame

Lastly, there are those who feel that Hill’s return to YouTube is simply a means to an end. These people see this video as proof that Hill is just smoothing things over so her second launch goes off without a hitch. They warn people to wake up to reality, take their money elsewhere, and stop allowing Hill to manipulate them.

The future of Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics

Despite the myriad of responses to Hill’s latest YouTube video, the beauty influencer is still winning because she’s getting paid. Time will tell if fans will continue supporting her cosmetics line, but they’ve proved that her YouTube career is still alive and kicking.