Jacob Elordi on How He Spends His Days Since ‘Euphoria’ Is on Hiatus

When the news broke that Jacob Elordi would be one of the main characters in the HBO series, Euphoria, many of his fans were intrigued. The dark drama was a far cry from The Kissing Booth, which was the Netflix film that exploded Elordi onto the scene. Though both the projects require Elordi to play a teenager in high school, that’s where the similarities end. Elordi’s role in Euphoria is deeply disturbing and really showcases the range of the 23-year-old acting abilities.

Jacob Elordi at the Euphoria premiere
Jacob Elordi | Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic for HBO

Though dark, Euphoria was received well by viewers and critics alike. In fact, it built up such a cult following that HBO felt it prudent to renew the show before the first season even finished airing. Elordi and his fellow cast members were stoked to start filming the sophomore season of Euphoria, but, unfortunately, the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic bought all plans to a screeching halt.

Jacob Elordi on why he went back to Australia

In a recent interview with GQ Australia, Elordi discussed how he made the decision to return home to Australia once production for Euphoria shut down. “I was supposed to start shooting, but sh*t was starting to get weird in LA. And the last place on Earth I want to be when sh*t gets weird is America, so I booked a ticket and dipped out,” the Kissing Booth 2 star shared.

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Elordi continued on to share that production only ever shuts down for the rarest circumstances. So, when he learned that Euphoria filming was coming to a screeching halt, he knew that the coronavirus threats were extremely serious. “The reality for me was that it was large enough to stop production, which is a huge thing – movies will keep going even if there’s a civil war. So that’s how crazy it was,” the actor revealed.

How the ‘Euphoria’ actor is spending his time in quarantine

But just how has Elordi been spending his time in Australia? And how has he been keeping himself busy since he’s been unable to focus on acting jobs? According to the 23-year-old, he has turned to another passion of his: writing. Since the actor described himself as someone with a restless mind, he’s channeling much of his creative energy into writing. In fact, Elordi is currently working on his own screenplay that’s set in Australia.

The ‘Kissing Booth 2’ star is writing a screenplay

“I’ll sit for a couple of hours and write and do rewrites, and then I’ll read and then I have a little area where I can paint. It’s been really good to just have time to get back to the basics of what I like to do. There’s no rules to it and I don’t have a deadline, so it’s fun to just throw sh*t at the wall and see what sticks,” Elordi confessed.

But, even though Euphoria is on hiatus for the foreseeable future, Elordi will still have projects coming out in quarantine. The Kissing Booth 2 is due to hit Netflix on July 24, and Elordi will likely have millions of fans lusting after him once more. But, the fame aspect of Elordi’s career has certainly taken some time to get used to. Though Elordi is more adjusted to it these days, he confesses that he’d love to do work in the future that was somehow anonymous.

Elordi wants to do anonymous movies

“I’d love to be able to create films in a bubble where nobody knows who the actor is. They might still love the films, but somehow they couldn’t put a name to the face or something. That would be really cool,” Elordi revealed. That’s certainly an interesting concept and we’d be curious to see how Elordi would execute it. While it’s unclear when it’ll be safe enough for Euphoria to begin shooting again, Elordi has certainly found ways to keep his creative self fed.