Jacob Elordi Lived in His Car While Filming the ‘Euphoria’ Pilot

At just 25, Jacob Elordi is worth a cool $4 million. Movies like The Kissing Booth trilogy and shows like Euphoria have helped the young actor earn a pretty penny. But it wasn’t that long ago that the Aussie was truly hurting for cash. In fact, when he auditioned for the infamous Nate Jacobs, he only had a few hundred dollars to his name. However, Elordi lucked out and booked the role that would change his life.

Euphoria actor Jacob Elordi poses in front of a car
‘Euphoria’ actor Jacob Elordi | Mark Thompson/Getty Images

Jacob Elordi wasn’t finding much success after he wrapped ‘The Kissing Booth’

In 2017, Elordi had wrapped his Netflix film, The Kissing Booth, and decided to test out a life in Los Angeles. Since he couldn’t afford a place of his own, he’d often fold his 6 foot 5-inch frame on his friend’s couch. When that wasn’t an option, he parked his car somewhere along Mulholland Drive and slept there. However, the actor knew that this lifestyle wasn’t sustainable. And he had every intention of going back to Australia to regroup.

The Australian actor planned on going back home after his ‘Euphoria’ audition

“I wasn’t booking jobs,” Elordi shared with GQ. “I think I had—I don’t know, $400 or $800 left in my bank account, and Euphoria was my last audition before I went home for a little while to make some money and recuperate.”

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Of course, fate had other plans for Elordi, and he ended up booking the role of Nate. But being cast in Euphoria didn’t mean he started raking in the dough immediately. When the actor was cast, Euphoria hadn’t yet been picked up for a series. Instead, it was just a pilot, which meant that Elordi had to continue being conservative with his money.

Elordi was still living in his car while shooting the ‘Euphoria’ pilot episode

Because his bank account was still low, Elordi was still living in his car when it came time to shoot the Euphoria pilot. And when he wasn’t in his car, he sought refuge in his trailer. “My car was like a hoarder’s, stacked with boxes and coat hangers and things,” Elordi remembered. Fortunately, for the actor, one of Euphoria’s producers noticed his situation and booked him a room in a West Hollywood hotel. The rest, as they say, is history.

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Elordi acknowledges that he’s had no small amount of luck in his acting career. While speaking with Collider, the actor also revealed that the fact that he was at his wit’s end may have contributed to him getting a part in the coveted cast of Euphoria.

“From then to now, it’s just been incredibly strange,” Elordi recalled. “I was essentially homeless when I auditioned for it. We were all in these places that were just this very classic Hollywood existence, so maybe it read on our faces that we were dying for it. When it comes to something with this quality and substance, I was at the end of my tether. Weirdly, everything came into place, spiritually.”

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