Jada Pinkett Smith Allegedly Spoiled August Alsina With Gifts and Ended Things After He Demanded They Go Public

The alleged love affair between Jada Pinkett Smith and August Alsina remains a hot topic. Since Alsina came forward with his story of their affair, conspiracy theories about what transpired during their relationship continue to run rampant. A year-old video from popular YouTube talk show host Tasha K – in which she gives details of Alsina and Smith’s relationship with information from Alsina’s family – has spectators digesting every minute. Tasha K is known for uncovering some of the hottest topics in entertainment, including Wendy Williams’ divorce and the R. Kelly sex trafficking ring.

August Alsina and Jada Pinkett Smith
August Alsina and Jada Pinkett Smith via Twitter

Tasha K says August Alsina and Jada Pinkett Smith had a three-year “spiritual marriage” 

Tasha K alleged that Alsina’s close friends and family members contacted her out of concern for Alsina’s well-being while he was still in contact with Smith. According to her, Alsina’s loved ones were concerned that he’d relapse when his relationship with Smith ended, as Alsina has been open about his addiction to prescription drugs.

Alsina’s family allegedly told Tasha K that they felt Smith preyed upon Alsina at his most vulnerable state. At the time of their meeting in 2015, Alsina was in the throes of his addiction and sought Smith’s help. Their relationship eventually became romantic.

August Alsina and Jada Pinkett Smith
August Alsina and Jada Pinkett Smith via Twitter

Alsina’s family was under the impression that Alsina was dating Smith’s daughter, Willow, as they were closer in age. As their relationship progressed, Alsina allegedly came clean to his family about him and Smith and they warned him that things would not end well.

With Smith being legally married, Tasha K claims that Alsina and Smith entered into a “spiritual marriage” where they were exclusive with one another. As Alsina admitted during his interview with Angela Yee, he fell deeply in love with Smith.

Tasha K says Jada Pinkett Smith ended her relationship with August Alsina because he wanted to go public

Throughout their relationship, Tasha K says Smith showered Alsina with lavish gifts. The two traveled extensively, Smith allegedly gifted Alsina with a luxury car and artwork. The two also were said to have connected on a spiritual level, especially after Alsina became sober.

Alsina was said to be okay with keeping their romantic relationship under wraps until shortly after his 2019 appearance on Red Table Talk. After the episode, Tasha K says Alsina demanded that he and Smith go public with their relationship and she refused. Smith allegedly ended things afterward.

Source: YouTube

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In the meantime, Alsina’s family grew increasingly worried as, during his relationship with Smith, his career took a backseat. While with Smith, Alsina was not recording or touring and spent all of his time with Smith and her family.

Tasha K corroborates August Alsina’s claim that his breakup with Jada Pinkett Smith was devastating 

Alsina never explained how his relationship with Smith ended. However, he did say that his sister’s death was a wakeup call that he needed to change his life and focus. Still, he told Yee that the breakup with Smith nearly “ended” him.

He said that the breakup was the most painful experience of his life, even more painful than his siblings’ deaths. He also hinted that it hurt him that Smith did not acknowledge their romance but that him not speaking about it only hurt him more. 

August Alsina and Jada Pinkett Smith
August Alsina and Jada Pinkett Smith via Twitter

“I really can’t even get into the thought of that because I am only responsible for myself, right,” Alsina said. “And I am only responsible for, you know. What I do. When I am repressing and suppressing things and it starts to affect me. I have to address it. I just always stay solid because I never want to be the person to start confusion.”

Tasha K revealed that Alsina’s family foreshadowed that the breakup would send Alsina into a downward spiral. Alsina told Yee that he holds no ill will toward Smith or her family and still has love for them. 

The Smiths have denied Alsina’s account. Jada will address everything on an upcoming episode of Red Table Talk.