Jada Pinkett Smith Awarded a ‘Coronavirus’ Hero With an Appropriate Gift

During the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and nationwide mitigation requirements, a number of celebrities began showing support and offering encouragement. Some made videos thanking first responders. Others started offering entertainment in live-streaming efforts online to reach fans stuck at home. Jada Pinkett Smith has always been an avid supporter of causes and uses her platform for those with unheard voices.

More recently, she too joined the ranks of Hollywood elites giving back. She offered an appropriate and substantial gift to one woman, heralding her as a “Coronavirus hero.”

Jada Pinkett Smith on the red carpet
Jada Pinkett Smith attends the LA Premiere of Angel Has Fallen | Amy Sussman/Getty Images

A Memphis pandemic hero

Tammy Rivera is a Memphis based Uber driver and a single mother of two. When the various shelter in place orders were first announced, and area hospitals began preparing for an onslaught of COVID-19 patients, she recognized there was an opportunity for her to volunteer and support her local health care professionals.

According to Commercial Appeal, she began delivering food to area hospitals for doctors, nurses, and staff who were feeling overwhelmed by the crisis. Aware that these frontline workers were often unable to care for themselves, she knew she could help keep them going.

Some nights, Rivera delivered up to 60 meals. For over seven weeks, she continued picking up and delivering lunches and dinners.

How Jada Pinkett Smith supported her efforts

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In an episode of her Red Table Talk!, a web-based series via Facebook Watch, Jada Pinkett Smith, offered the ultimate “Coronavirus Hero” an extra special gift. The episode was called “Mother’s Day Surprises for Coronavirus Heroes,” and Tammy Rivera, the Uber driver, delivering meals in Memphis, was the star.

Smith surprised this deserving volunteer with a brand-new car. And it wasn’t just any car; it was a thoughtful and appropriate eco-friendly, new ride.

An unforgettable moment of generosity

Jada Pinkett Smith opened her show with highlights of the life of this selfless Uber-driving mom, who was relentless about buying and delivering meals to local healthcare workers. When Smith announced the new car gift, Tammy Rivera was over the moon excited and fighting through tears, she shared how surprised she was by the gesture.

Rivera said later in an interview with WMC News, “I have never known such generosity in my entire life.” She received her keys in a special ceremony and continued to deliver meals from behind the wheel of her sweet, eco-friendly ride.

Tammy Rivera shared the stay-at-home orders significantly impacted her ability to make ends meet as an Uber driver. This was a gift that not only recognized her volunteer efforts but also should help her get back on her feet with better fuel economy in this new car.

Jada Pinkett Smith’s ‘Red Table Talk’ platform for good

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Jada Pinkett Smith continues to enjoy a successful career on-screen and in music. She and her iconic husband, Will Smith, have shared their family dynamics, growth, and experiences as learning tools and inspiration for others.

She has also launched Red Table Talk! This Facebook Watch-based series of webisodes feature her daughter Willow and her mother, Gammy. Three generations of strong women, using their voices to connect with others, to engage in conversations about the day’s proactive and essential topics. Many topics include social and cultural challenges, as well as personal perspectives of other celebrity guests.

The stories of celebrity generosity during the pandemic exploded online. People began sharing stories of support and recognition for those on the front lines. Jada Pinkett Smith was certainly no exception.

She continues to use her online series to help promote causes and inspire others to recognize and discuss the challenges of today. This one episode made a Memphis Uber driver and single mom feel extra special for Mother’s Day.