Jameela Jamil Set the Record Straight About Mark Ronson & the Bees

Jameela Jamil certainly seems to be facing a lot of criticism these days. Her latest bought of hate actually comes from a story about bees. Back in 2015, Jamil was interviewed for The Sun. She recalled that while she was conducting an interview for music producer, Mark Ronson while working for BBC radio, they were attacked by a swarm of bees. “It was the most scared I’ve ever been. I didn’t know what it was and then suddenly I was like, ‘Oh my God, it’s killer bees! Those are killer bees!’ I just ran, food flew everywhere and I destroyed the whole set. It was terrifying,” Jamil recalled of the experience.

Jameela Jamil bees
Jameela Jamil | David Crotty/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images)

Unfortunately for The Good Place alum, Ronson remembered the experience differently. When the “Nothing Breaks Like a Heart” artist recalled the interview, his account of the bees was much more toned down. “One or two individual bees approached slowly,” he shared in an interview. Ronson’s version of the story quickly circulated the Internet and people once again accused Jamil of lying. “Uh so this Jameela Jamil stuff is wild huh? And I don’t believe it myself but she does love exaggerating and she does love a good bee story eh? Here’s Mark Ronson basically calling her out for lying,” one person tweeted about the incident.

Critics feel that Jameela Jamil is faking her illness

The conflicting stories caught fire and once again Jamil was painted as a liar. This, unfortunately, has become a pattern for Jamil in the past few weeks. Critics have accused the actress of lying about her sexuality and her disability as of late. They even claimed that she had Munchausen Syndrome, which is a disorder where a person repeatedly makes up fake physical or mental illnesses. Some people were even convinced that Jamil makes up her disability to bring attention to her charity. Seeing the smear campaign being launched against her, Jamil once again took to her Twitter to set the record straight about the bees.

The truth about the bees

“Firstly I never made the story up and thankfully producers on the set that day confirmed to me over the weekend that it happened. We only remember it because there was a big beautiful banquet we set out on a balcony that was full of fruits and cakes and sweets to make a pretty setting for Mark’s interview. And the fuc*ing swarm that must have been on their way out to find a new hive/nest, saw a buffet of sugar and naturally descended, and we had to run inside as fast as we could,” Jamil wrote in part of her statement, citing that the experience with bees was what initially bonded her to Ronson.

Mark Ronson shows he and Jamil are still on good terms via Twitter

Jamil continued on to share that she references bees so much because of her unusual history with them. She also admitted to having a phobia of bees and being allergic to them. Furthermore, she made it clear that she by no means was attacking Ronson and that he didn’t mean to “paint” her “as a liar.” Apparently, the two spoke about the situation via text messages and he simply remembered the story differently because it happened over five years ago. In fact, she shared that she and Ronson were still on good terms. Ronson seemed to echo this claim when he retweeted Jamil’s post. “Spoke to my friend Jameela. We’re good. Also, bees suck,” he posted to his Twitter page.

Finally, Jamil used the story about the bees to question society’s treatment of women. She questioned why her account of the event was immediately called into question rather than Ronson’s. She implored people who immediately thought of her as a liar to think about why that was their initial instinct. Jamil certainly seems to be facing a lot of criticism these days, but it’s clear that she won’t be taking anything lying down. Even if the criticism is over something as odd as being attacked by bees.