James Charles and Trinity ‘The Tuck’ Taylor Get in Back-and-Forth on Social Media After Coronavirus Joke

Social media star and beauty guru James Charles is no stranger to controversy. Recently he got into what some folks are referring to as a heated exchange with RuPaul’s Drag Race alum Trinity ‘The Tuck’ Taylor on Twitter.

James Charles, Trinity 'The Tuck' Taylor
(L-R) James Charles, Trinity ‘The Tuck’ Taylor | Kevin Mazur/WireImage, Rodin Eckenroth/FilmMagic

Details of what went down between James Charles and Trinity ‘The Tuck’ Taylor

The whole exchange started when Charles tweeted what could be perceived as an insensitive joke about the coronavirus pandemic. He tweeted, “tested positive for having a fat a**.” Taylor then responded to him and said, “Fat a**? Girl who diagnosed you? Hellen Keller?”

Then the back-and-forth really kicked off when James made a joke about Taylor’s plastic surgery, tweeting, “D**n, she must’ve mistook [sic] the lumpy silicone in your face as Braille instead of reading my actual test results. My mistake…. speaking of mistakes, how’s your crown?”

Taylor then accused Charles of cutting into their line at RuPaul’s Drag Con, saying, “Awe girl that’s cute. Keep reading doll. I’m not the one who tried to break in people’s lines at drag con to meet u and ask if u can ship me free product (my tucking panty) for a like and a post. But girl do u! That a** sure looks…”

After that, they continued to go back and forth about the product, with Taylor claiming that Charles approached them at Drag Con and Charles sharing screenshots from Instagram direct messages, offering to pay Taylor.

How fans have reacted to the exchange and what both stars say

Both Taylor and Charles gave statements to YouTube channel JakeyonceTV about what went down and their perspectives on the situation.

Taylor, who told the channel that they were advised by their management to not do a video interview as initially suggested, said in part, “I will say this. Sometimes when people have repeatedly used their platform to be gross or just plain annoying you get to a point where you have to call them out. I made a joke that was light-hearted. He replied with something even more pointed and it just made me decided to slap back. I’m tired of the excuse ‘he’s only 20.’ no b***h. He’s a grown a** millionaire. People need to stop acting like he’s a child.”

Charles told the channel, “Trinity replied to my tweet out of nowhere and I assumed that it was a playful read so I read her back using jokes that she makes herself all the time. Apparently it struck a chord. I’m not sure why. I really liked and respected her a lot so I have nothing negative to say. I hope she finds something more productive to do during this world epidemic than be mean to others on Twitter!”

Fans seem to have multiple viewpoints about the situation, with some agreeing with Charles and others agreeing with Taylor.

One fan tweeted, “Trinity & James Charles …. whaaaat? I’m no fan of James but that was so uncalled for????”

“James Charles getting dragged by Trinity Taylor is everything I needed in this world,” said someone else.

Another person said, “i don’t like trinity taylor but i also don’t like james charles more so drag ha!!”