James Gandolfini’s $3,000 Rolex Watch Was Stolen by a Paramedic After His Heart Attack

Hollywood lost an icon when James Gandolfini died in 2013. Many see The Sopranos as one of, if not the greatest show of all time. That’s in no small part thanks to Gandolfini’s Emmy-winning performance as mob boss Tony Soprano. With all the lives he’s touched, Gandolfini’s death hit many hard. But along with news of his unfortunate death, outlets reported that he was also robbed after his heart attack.

What was James Gandolfini’s salary for ‘The Sopranos’

James Gandolfini smirking in a business suit
James Gandolfini | Evan Agostini/Getty Images

The Sopranos didn’t only bring Gandolfini awards and accolades, but it earned him a lucrative salary as well. Celebrity Net Worth reported that his early salary for the show is unknown. But by season three Gandolfini was pulling $400,000 an episode. He earned $800,000 an episode for season five, and negotiated up to $1 million an episode for season 6. The actor was paid so handsomely that he could turn down a $3 million offer to star in the Office.

Steve Schirripa, who played Tony Soprano’s brother-in-law in the show, talked about the revelation on his Talking Sopranos podcast.

I think before James Spader and after Carrell, they offered Jim, I want to say, $4 million to play him for the season – and HBO paid him $3 million not to do it. That’s a fact,” Schirripa said according to EW.

James Gandeolfini’s $3,000 rolex watch was stolen by a paramedic after his heart attack

TMZ reported that the actor’s rolex was stolen sometime during his heart attack in 2013. The item was taken from Gandolfini’s hotel room in Rome, although no further damage was done to the hotel.

However, it was later reported that one of the paramedics who treated Gandolfini was responsible for the crime. Although the perpetrators were caught, because of Italy’s judicial system, the Hollywood Reporter noted it may take a long time before justice is served.

“One of the reasons I left Italy is because I was robbed of $200,000 by two people who worked for me; even at that amount, my lawyers told me, ‘Let it go, or you’ll be in court for 10 years,’” Alessandro Ciani, a Beverly Hills antique dealer, recalled. “That’s why you have a lot of small crime in Italy, because they know the chance of prosecution is also small.”

Ciani’s account of Italy’s judicial system offers insight into the process of the late Gandolfini’s own current situation.

James Gandolfini’s rolex reflected his personality

Some are determined to see justice done for the theft because, in part, of the rolex’s symbolism.

“A watch is really a piece of your personality,” Robin Ronen said, who Hollywood Reporter notes is the co-founder of a New York watch and jewelry boutique. “At that lowest point, to steal anything is horrible, but something that’s also so reflective of your personality? That’s pretty despicable.”

Ariel Adams, the founder of the website Blog to Watch, also emphasized the importance of Gandolfini’s Rolex.

“It’s a sensitive, conservative, timeless choice,” Adams said. “It’s a watch for someone who approaches luxury in a casual way. You like nice things, but you don’t want to look pretentious or like a snob.”

Cianci echoed this sentiment.

“It’s an understated piece and shows a personality that goes for value and not price,” Cianci said. “James Gandolfini could have worn any watch in the world – that he wore this watch, and wore it often, shows a consistent personality, and someone who looks at things for what they are.”

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