Jamie Dornan Prepped For a Role In the Creepiest Way

Method acting is not uncommon among actors. For some, it helps them get into their character. However, some actors have taken extreme measures to get into a specific mindset. 

For example, Jared Leto reportedly sent ‘gifts’ to the other actors, such as a dead pig. He is not the only one to use strange methods. An actor named Jamie Dornan admitted that he had a creepy way to prepare for his role in The Fall

Jamie Dornan in front of a blurred background
Jamie Dornan | Vera Anderson/Getty Images

Who is Jamie Dornan?

Dornan is a Northern Irish actor who tried various other career paths before he discovered acting. The Things reports that he used to do some modeling work, and was an underwear model for huge brands, such as Calvin Klein. 

Marie Antoinette was Dornan’s first big break. He played Count Axel von Fersen, who Antoinette has an affair with. Since then, he has gone on to play other major roles. Many people know Dornan for his part in Fifty Shades of Grey. Appearing alongside Dakota Johnson, he played the confident Christian Grey. However, he almost did not get the part. 

Originally, Charlie Hunnam going to be Grey. Unfortunately, he had to back out of the project due to scheduling conflicts. Some may wonder where Dornan would be now if Hunnam had not left. 

Besides playing in the popular franchise, fans also know Dornan for his part in the British series titled The Fall. In the show, he plays a serial killer named Paul Spector. 

A quick recap about ‘The Fall’

The Fall is a psychological thriller, and the show stars Gillian Anderson and Dornan. Anderson’s character is a British detective named Stella Gibson, who goes to Northern Ireland to solve a murder. However, she quickly realizes that it is the work of a serial killer. 

The show follows both the detective and the killer as they play a game of cat and mouse. Paul Spector stalks and attacks young professional women. Meanwhile, Stella’s team is trying to build a case while facing obstacles. 

For three seasons, the show managed to make viewers wonder who was going to end up the victor. However, some fans may have been shocked by the series finale. After three seasons of two characters outmaneuvering each other, it ends with Paul taking his own life to escape justice. 

The show became popular among viewers, and fans became hooked by the first episode. 

How Jamie Dornan prepared for the show

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For Dornan to prepare for the role of a killer, he chose a rather unorthodox method. According to The Guardian, he revealed details about his method acting in an interview with the LA Times. He mentioned that he followed a woman off the train. 

“It felt kind of exciting, in a really sort of dirty way,” Dornan says. He explains that he followed her around for a couple of blocks. He was trying to get into the mindset of his psychopathic character. 

Dornan further states that he did not feel proud of what he did but felt like he learned something from it. Still, some fans may have been alarmed by what he said. 

Fans respond to Jamie Dornan’s confession

Dornan is no stranger to criticism. Some critics labeled his performance in Fifty Shades as “boring” and “flat.” The reveal of his method acting earned him some more disapproval.

Some critics expressed worried about Dornan’s manner of preparing for his role. Time states that many women felt unnerved by his confession, as women are all too familiar with being uncomfortable while walking alone at night. Many of them voiced their opinions on Twitter in response, with some users requesting people, even celebrities, not to harass people in the name of art.

Besides receiving fan backlash on social media, there have been some articles written about the actor as well. Mollie Goodfellow wrote on Independent about the matter, criticizing Dornan’s actions. She advises him to get a friend to be in on it rather than a stranger. 

Despite the criticisms, Dornan is doing fairly well acting-wise. He is currently filming for Belfast.