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Lindsay Lohan and Jamie Lee Curtis starred alongside each other in the critically acclaimed 2003 remake, Freaky Friday. The movie was a massive hit and set Lohan on the fast-track to superstardom.

Nearly two decades later, Lohan and Curtis remain close. Curtis, in fact, provides advice for Lohan when she needs it, and gave some that vastly improved Lohan’s personal life. 

Lindsay Lohan keeps in touch with Jamie Lee Curtis

Lindsay Lohan
Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan during Premiere of “Freaky Friday” at El Capitan Theater in Hollywood, California, United States. | Albert L. Ortega/WireImage

Even though it’s been 17 years since the two starred in Freaky Friday together, Lohan and Curtis still maintain a relationship. Curtis reaches out to her, giving her advice when she needs it or just to catch up. Lohan detailed their relationship in a resurfaced 2019 interview with Howard Stern

“I love her,” Lohan said. “We just check-in, yeah.”

Jamie Lee Curtis told her to get rid of her entourage 

One of the biggest things Curtis helped Lohan with was how to deal with fame and navigating life as a celebrity. She advised Lohan to remove some of the “hangers-on” from her life and make her friend circle smaller, which helped Lohan drastically. 

“She was right, she was right,” Lohan said. “You know, sometimes you just end up having people around you when you’re younger in this industry, just to have people there. ‘Cause you’re always around people and then it can get very lonely.”

Lindsay Lohan felt lonely earlier in her career


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One of the biggest challenges Lohan dealt with during her younger years was the perception of her being a party girl. Later on, she realized it was her entourage that kept her out partying. 

When asked if she felt like she had better friends today, she responded positively. 

“Yeah, I think so,” Lohan said. “Because all the other people didn’t realize that I didn’t want to go out all the time. I don’t want to be seen all the time. But it was like, the only time I did want to was when they were around. And that’s not a real friend.”

She mostly stays home now

Since she made the change to her inner circle, Lohan has mostly stayed indoors. 

“Yeah, well I don’t like to go out,” Lohan said.

Lohan has never really been into partying in public, and actually prefers to host people at her home in privacy. 

“I’m a homebody,” Lohan said. “I’ve always been like, an introvert, and likes to be home, and likes to hang with people at home.”

She lived her ‘college years’ in the public eye

Stern initially couldn’t believe that Lohan didn’t enjoy going out and partying, largely due to the reputation she’d gotten in the media. However, Lohan revealed that she was only seen out so much because those were her college years. 

“Probably because those would have been my college years,” Lohan said. “And I would’ve had a whole different experience of it.”

Since Lohan is a public figure, the same behaviors that are deemed normal for others became a big spectacle in relation to her. 

“That would’ve been normal for them,” Lohan said. “And my mom went out, she’s like, those were kind of your college years. And she said, ‘That’s why I told you to move home.’