Jamie Lee Curtis Wants To Join The New ‘Exorcist’ Movie Trilogy as The Devil

Jamie Lee Curtis is a bona fide scream queen. From her role in 1978’s John Carpenter’s Halloween, Curtis has built a virtual empire of horror movie greatness in a legendary franchise. Now, she says she wants to extend that legacy to the Exorcist franchise. 

Jamie Lee Curtis’ Laurie Strode is an iconic ‘final girl’ 

Jamie Lee Curtis, who would like to be in the new 'Exorcist movie', wearing black
Jamie Lee Curtis | Amy Sussman/Getty Images

The daughter of screen icons Janet Leigh and Tony Curtis didn’t waste time following in their footsteps. The late Janet Leigh, of course, plays ill-fated thief Marion Crane in Alfred Hitchock’s 1960 masterpiece Psycho

So when the actor had a chance to continue the legacy, she didn’t hesitate. As Laurie Strode, Jamie Lee Curtis faces off against slasher Michael Myers again and again. Moreover, she does it in eight Halloween horror franchise films. 

She stars in Halloween Kills, which is currently playing in theaters. Finally, she’ll star in Halloween Ends, which debuts in October of 2022. Laurie Strode defined what would become the ‘final girl’ trope, a stereotype that emerged from violent 1970s slasher films including Halloween and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974). 

Jamie Lee Curtis told The Hollywood Reporter in a September 2021 interview that 43 years later, it’s “emotional” to consider the time that’s passed. 

​​”When I saw Kyle Richards and Nancy Stephens [who are in the original Halloween], I realized the passage of time and how long we’ve all been a part of this story,” Curtis told THR. “There was a moment where I ran into both of them early on. And it was very emotional because Kyle Richards was little Lindsey, a little girl I’m babysitting in [the movie].” 

To sum up, they’ve all come a long way since 1978. 

Jamie Lee Curtis  wants to take on the ‘Exorcist’ movie franchise

It turns out that Halloween Kills director David Gordon Green is trying his hand at another franchise. Green plans to revive The Exorcist with a new trilogy. Moreover, Jamie Lee Curtis wants a role in the films. 

She’d like to voice the demon that possesses the main character, Regan (played in 1973 by Linda Blair). In Wiliam Friedkin’s 1973 classic, Mercedes McCambridge voiced the evil presence. 

“Maybe I should be the voice of the devil-like Mercedes McCambridge,” Curtis told Entertainment Weekly during a recent interview. “You see, if David gives me a part in the new Exorcist trilogy as the voice of the devil, then it is a full-circle return for me, in a meta way. That would blow people’s minds.”

Green at least seemed to agree, admitting that Curtis hadn’t shared her idea with him yet. “I’ll have to get her to audition for that one,” he told the magazine. “You know, she did the crying baby for the last Halloween movie, so she’s a talented voice actor as well.”

The horror actor says ‘The Exorcist’ movie terrified her

Per EW, Oscar winner Ellen Burstyn will return in the new David Gordon Green film as Chris MacNeil, the mother of possessed child Regan. However, beyond that, details about the new horror movie are scarce. 

In any case, Jamie Lee Curtis says The Exorcist terrified her. “I’m brave, but I am afraid of scary things,” she said. “When I was 15, my parents [Leigh and Curtis] screened The Exorcist and my friends teased me the next day because I was so freaked out. I loathe being scared by scary movies.”

To sum up, she might loathe being scared by horror movies — but she certainly loves being in them. 

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