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One of the most interesting aspects of TLC’s 19 Kids and Counting and Counting On is the young age at which most of the children marry. Some of them enter into a courtship as early as 18 and get married soon after. However, there is one member of the Duggar family who has still not yet tied the knot: Jana Duggar. Here’s why this Duggar woman isn’t yet married.

Duggar daughters
Jana Duggar, farthest left, is still unmarried. | The Duggar Family via Instagram

Duggar is the oldest daughter of the family

The oldest Duggar daughter will turn 29 in January. While 29 is nowhere near “too old,” the Duggar children tend to get married young. To be 29 and a Duggar and still be unmarried is almost unfathomable. However, Duggar still hasn’t found the right person. Her twin brother, John David Duggar, had also been single for a long time. But in the past year, he began courting Abbie Grace Burnett. The two are now married. This means Jana Duggar is the officially the oldest child who has yet to marry.

Most of the children get married in their early 20s

Again, 29 isn’t too old to still be looking for the right person. But in the Duggar family, it is. Most of the Duggar children, especially the daughters, tend to marry in their early 20s. The youngest married Duggar, Joy Anna, is only 20 years old and already has a daughter with husband Austin Forsyth. There are seven Duggar children (including Duggar’s twin, John David) who are younger than her but already married. And five of them have one child. Josh Duggar, who is older than his sister, is married as well. He has five children with his wife.

But Duggar still hasn’t found ‘the one’

Duggar has been linked to several people throughout her life. At one point, there was even speculation she was dating NFL player Tim Tebow. (Tebow and Duggar share similar religious views.) However, the relationship didn’t pan out, and it seems that none of them ever have. Duggar was also linked to family friend Caleb Williams, but Williams took to social media to make it clear that he and the Duggar daughter had been friends for a long time — and that was it. As Duggar approaches her 29th birthday, fans don’t want to judge, but they can’t help but wonder why she hasn’t settled down.

Duggar simply doesn’t want to end up in a negative relationship

According to a source close to Duggar, there is one solid reason she hasn’t found “the one:” She doesn’t want to end up like her sisters. The insider told Café Mom that Duggar’s younger sisters chose to marry and start families at a very young age, and she doesn’t want that for herself. Plus, Duggar supposedly feels that relationships that start so young often end up with a lot of negativity. There have been rumors about Austin Forsyth being controlling over Joy Anna. And Derick Dillard’s discriminatory comments on Twitter allegedly got him fired from the show. Jana Duggar reportedly doesn’t want to deal with the drama that comes along with marrying young. It doesn’t mean she’ll never find the right person, but she’s waiting for the perfect one rather than jumping the gun at too young an age.

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