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Meri Brown and Kody Brown’s relationship has been fodder for Sister Wives fans for years. Apparently, their troubled union has been a topic of discussion within the Brown family, too. In a recent episode, both Christine Brown and Janelle Brown weighed in on Meri and Kody’s troubled marriage. Both had mostly negative thoughts. Christine even called Kody “mean and cruel” for how he treated Meri Brown. 

Janelle Brown described Kody and Meri’s marriage as “sad” 

Janelle Brown has always been billed as the most logical and least emotional of Kody Brown’s four wives. Now that she’s estranged from Kody, Janelle appears to be digging deeper into the emotional side of polygamy and how negatively it has impacted her family. In a confessional, Janelle weighed in on Kody and Meri’s marriage. 

Janelle Brown sits for an interview during season 18 of 'Sister Wives'
Janelle Brown | YouTube/TLC

Janelle, who became Kody’s second wife in 1993, said that she believes Meri has held out hope that things would change for years but that the marriage was “very broken.” She said that Kody does not speak kindly to Meri and stopped looking out for her years ago. Kody has been similarly rude and disinterested in Janelle Brown, too. 

Christine Brown pointed out how Kody Brown strung Meri Brown along for years 

Christine was less impartial than Janelle Brown. Kody’s third wife openly discussed the former polygamist and his troubling behavior toward his first wife, Meri Brown. Christine was the first to leave Kody. She announced her divorce in 2021. In a telling confessional moment during the Sept. 17 episode of Sister Wives, Christine said that Kody had been “mean and cruel” to his first wife and strung her along for years. The way Kody treated Meri helped Christine find the resolve to walk away from her rocky union for good. 

In a previous interview, Christine admitted that Kody once suggested she should be happy with the attention she was getting because Meri was OK with how things were between them. Christine explained that she could never be happy in such a romantic entanglement. The mother of six said she found Kody and Meri’s relationship so sad that she couldn’t imagine living that way. 

Christine Brown isn’t a fan of Meri, though 

Don’t get it confused, Christine Brown is no fan of Meri’s. Sister Wives fans were largely shocked to see Christine not only point out how terribly Kody treated Meri. They were even more surprised to see her acting a bit sympathetic to Meri’s plight. Christine Brown isn’t one to defend Meri Brown. The former sister wives have had a largely troubled relationship for years, and Christine has used the Sister Wives platform to air her grievances against Kody’s first wife in the past. Christine even went so far as to say she has no desire to associate with Meri now that she’s walked away from polygamy completely. 

Christine Brown and Meri Brown pose for a photo with the Brown family in Flagstaff, Arizona
Christine Brown and Meri Brown | TLC/YouTube

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Meri doesn’t seem to care much about building a friendship with Christine, either. The relationship is even less important now that they are no longer married to the same man. The duo no longer follow each other on social media, and that seems to be the way they like it. Still, they do have a common enemy in Kody Brown.