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Jared Leto is one of the most versatile actors in Hollywood. He’s known for fully immersing himself in his roles, and his distinct style of method acting. His dramatic weight loss and performance in Dallas Buyers Club is proof of how far he’s willing to go for his roles, but his talents don’t stop there.

Leto also stars in the recently-released film, The Little Things, alongside Denzel Washington. The grim crime thriller features Leto as a suspected serial killer, and Washington as one of two police officers working to solve the case. 

Both actors showcase their incredible acting skills in the film, as there are several scenes in the movie that get very intense. Leto personally enjoyed working with Washington on the Little Things and recently said that the Oscar-winning actor gave him a “great gift” while the two were working on set. 

Jared Leto says filming ‘The Little Things’ was an intense experience

Jared Leto
Jared Leto during an interview | NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Leto detailed the experience during a recent interview with John David Washington for Variety.

“The whole thing was intense, and I showed up ready for war,” Leto said. “I showed up ready because I knew I had to be on my A-game. And I came in overprepared, ready for anything.”

He really enjoyed working with Denzel Washington 

Leto noted that he enjoyed working with Washington because he pays very close attention to his co-stars’ choices and responds to them in expert fashion.

“It was fun, and I also noticed, on the first day I should’ve worn a diaper because it was rather intimidating,” Leto said. “But I was in my zone. … I noticed very quickly [that] the smallest change or gesture or improvisation and Mr. Washington was boom, he’s right there with me. He’s right there with me.”

Jared Leto says Denzel Washington gave him a great gift while filming ‘The Little Things’


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Leto also revealed that Washington gave him a gift while they were filming, although it wasn’t necessarily a tangible object. 

“He was just so fluid, so flexible, and that first day he gave me a great gift,” Leto said. “He gave me the freedom to take risk, to be as brave as I wanted to. And he met me more than halfway in every moment. So I felt like I was training and training and training, and I came in and got to get in the ring with one of the greats.”

He hasn’t rehearsed for a movie in 10 years 

Later in the interview, Leto admitted that he didn’t rehearse for The Little Things, nor has he rehearsed for a role in the last decade.  

“I haven’t rehearsed in a movie in 10 years,” Leto revealed. “I haven’t rehearsed, I just for some reason or another never worked out for rehearsal. I don’t have a rule against it, but usually I just—I’m ready to go … I still haven’t even … I haven’t met Mr. Washington. … We haven’t even met.”

The Little Things can be seen in theaters or streamed on HBOX Max.