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Many actors work in Hollywood, but only one of them can be Morbius. As of late, Jared Leto has gained a reputation for not being terribly good as an actor or person. Despite his star-studded past, the actor and musician has received a considerable amount of flack in recent years. At this point, it might be better if he were to stay out of movies entirely, at least according to commenters on Reddit.

People have had enough of seeing Jared Leto, according to Reddit

Jared Leto at the 2022 Met Gala 'In America: An Anthology of Fashion' at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York
Jared Leto at the 2022 Met Gala | James Devaney/GC Images via Getty Images

A Reddit thread asked members of the r/movies subreddit which actor they were tired of seeing in movies. While answers varied, a consistently upvoted and echoed sentiment was Jared Leto. Reasons were varied, from being tired of his performances to finding him untalented or pretentious to disliking him as a person. Scathing comments like, “Can we stop asking these questions to see ‘Jared Leto’ inevitably as the top answer?” received hundreds and thousands of upvotes and awards between them. “Jared Leto somehow comes off as r/imthemaincharacter [a subreddit about entitled and dramatic people in everyday life] even when he’s supposed to be the main character” also appeared to sum up the general feelings about the actor.

While it’s true many people are fans of Leto, it’s difficult to defend some of his recent performances in major franchise films. The first of these would undoubtedly be his portrayal of the Joker in David Ayer’s Suicide Squad. Playing the character more like a tatted-up modern-day gangster than the affable clown most are familiar with, he barely appears in the finished film, with the majority of his scenes cut for being (allegedly) incredibly bad. To date, he’s only reprised the character once in an oddly flirtatious epilogue for Zack Snyder’s Justice League opposite Ben Affleck’s Batman.

Of course, his most famous blunder would be the legendarily bad and eternally memeable Morbius. Portraying the title vampire, the film was a massive failure on all fronts, succeeding only in spawning thousands of memes ironically proclaiming it to be the greatest movie ever made. Apparently unaware of the joking nature of this, Sony sent the movie back to theaters for a limited run, making it one of the few films in history to bomb twice at the box office, according to Relevant Magazine.

Leto’s appeal is questionable, but he has been in several good films

Despite appearing in numerous bad films lately, Jared Leto got there for a reason. His filmography is surprisingly varied and has seen him show up for parts big and small in several legitimately good movies.

One of his more notable roles was as smarmy Paul Allen in American Psycho. He had the honor of being the featured victim in the movie’s most memorable moment, in which Christian Bale’s Patrick Bateman hacks him to pieces with an ax while “Hip to Be Square” plays in the background.

Beyond being murdered by other actors, he’s also won and been nominated for a slate of major awards for films, including Requiem for a DreamDallas Buyers Club, and Mr. Nobody. His work as a documentarian has also received acclaim.

Many dislike Jared Leto for more than just his acting style


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Beyond his acting, though, many have come to dislike Jared Leto for other potentially more serious reasons. For one, his on-set behavior has allegedly been pretty awful in the past. Famously, many castmates and crew on the set of Suicide Squad described the Joker actor’s “method” performance as overbearing and creepy. Reportedly, he tormented many of them to get “in character” as the Clown Prince of Crime, going so far as sending dead animals and other disgusting things to their trailers.

He’s also drawn ire for his strange and concerning actions surrounding his band, 30 Seconds to Mars. As of late, he’s taken to styling himself as a Jesus-like figure to his fans, starting an inner circle-type club known as The Echelon. Its outward appearance and secretive nature have led many to dub it a cult, and Leto’s statements and actions have done little to assuage that fear.

Most seriously are the accusations of sexual misconduct, including and especially toward underage girls, as covered in a Mama Mia writeup. Recently resurfaced due to a tweet by actor Dylan Sprouse and echoed by director James Gunn, it seems to be an open secret that many don’t want to be around the man. Between accusations on fan message boards, statements from others in the industry, and (once again) his own strange words and actions, it doesn’t paint a very good picture.