Jasmine Roth’s Tips for the Perfect Work from Home Space

HGTV host and designer Jasmine Roth gave us some great tips for designing the perfect work-from-home space. She also chatted with Showbiz Cheat Sheet about her partnership with Staples. Here’s a peek inside our chat.

Jasmine Roth’s work-from-home design journey

Jasmine Roth stands in a yellow room.
Jasmine Roth | Leonard Ortiz/Digital First Media/Orange County Register via Getty Images

Roth says she didn’t have the right work-from setup when the COVID-19 pandemic started. “I think I’m like a lot of people who didn’t have a work-from-home space set up when we all ended up going home to work,” Roth tells Showbiz Cheat Sheet.

Roth says it took some time to set up an efficient space. “It took me a while to figure out that this was the new normal,” she says. “And even if I could go back to my office, I didn’t want to. So, about a year and a half in, I was like, ‘OK, I need to set up a desk. I need somewhere to work that’s the same spot every day that inspires me and builds a thought where I can be creative and comfortable and I have all the things I need like a printer, and organization, and my files.’”

Jasmine Roth says your space should feel personal to you

Roth says one key to creating the perfect work-from-home space is to personalize your work area. Pay attention to comfort and design. Add what you need to the space to make it your own and make it as comfortable as possible.

“No two home offices are the same, and some of that is, you might have a different space than somebody else,” says Roth. “You might not have a whole room that’s dedicated to an office. I’m in the corner of my game room. A lot of us had to make it work. Adding that personal touch, whatever it might be, can make all the difference and make your office truly your own.”

 Do’s and don’ts when it comes to designing a work from home space

Keep in mind some big do’s and don’ts when designing your work-from-home area. One big don’t Roth recommends is, “Don’t forget to put a plant in your office.” She says it doesn’t have to be a real plant. Roth opted to get fake plants because she travels a lot, and it was a downer to come home to a room full of dead plants.

Another don’t from Roth is, “Don’t forget lighting.” She says lighting can make a big difference in a home office space. Since you’re likely looking at screens all day, it’s important to have good lighting so you can see what you’re working on, says Roth. Natural light or a lamp will do.  

An important tip on Roth’s “do” list is to turn your desk away from the wall. She says you don’t have to place your desk in the middle of the room, but it’s a good idea not to face a wall while you work. She places her desk perpendicular to a wall. “Instead of staring at a wall all day, I’m staring out a window,” says Roth.

Jasmine Roth’s Staples partnership  

Roth told us about her exciting partnership with Staples and their WFH Style Sweepstakes. The contest runs from now until June 7. “I was able to partner with Staples and set up my own home office,” says Roth. “In the meantime, I’ve also helped a lot of clients, and also, I’ve been partnering with the Work from Home Style Squad to set up their home office.”

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