Jason Derulo’s Ex-Girlfriend Blasts Him as Partner and Father

Jason Derulo has insisted that things between him and his ex, Jena Frumes, were good. But according to Frumes, it’s the complete opposite. She recently shared some intense details about their break-up on social media. Like Derulo’s other ex, she accused him of cheating.

Jason Derulo and Jena Frumes pose for photo; Frumes recently blasted Derulo on Instagram
Jason Derulo and Jena Frumes | Michael Kovac/Getty Images for Baby2Baby

Jason Derulo previously said the two were co-parenting well

Derulo and Frumes split four months after Frumes gave birth to their son but the two continued to share family moments together on social media. Fans assumed they’d reconciled, but Derulo told People Magazine in Nov. 2021 that they are simply friends and good co-parents.

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“We don’t care if we’re confusing people about our situation because our situation is our situation,” he said at the time. “We love [our son] more than anything, and his wellbeing is really important to us,” he added. “I’m really attentive of her wellbeing as well, and I want her to be good. I care about her a lot. We have an amazing relationship, contrary to a lot of people’s beliefs.”

More than anything, Derulo says having one-on-one time with his son is the most important. “I love to watch the things that I love to watch with him,” he said. “He’s still young enough where he doesn’t really understand what he’s watching, but I love watching cartoons with him too. I think he brings out the child in me again.”

She blasted him in a recent Instagram post

In response to a woman calling her out for being a single mother on Instagram, Frumes decided to clear things up in a lengthy post on her Instagram Stories. As it turns out, things haven’t been as smooth as Derulo previously noted.

“It’s unfortunate my situation didn’t work out because we once did aspire to be married but maybe it’s best to be single than to be in a relationship & constantly be disrespected & cheated on and lied to. Or is it better to stay & be quiet so people like you…approve?” she asked, The Jasmine Brand reports. 

She continued, noting that it is not ideal for her to not have her family unit intact, but she refuses to settle for less and further elaborates on Derulo’s alleged cheating ways. ​​“If a man wants a different girl every week over his family I’ll never accept that…we will never be able to make it work ‘happily,’ “I was straight up told that I should ‘turn the other cheek.’ I’ll never be OK with sharing a lover that I love with all my heart!!!”

Other exes have also accused Jason Derulo of not being the best partner

Derulo and Jordin Sparks began dating in 2011 and became one of Hollywood’s favorite couples. Sparks also made an appearance in Derulo’s “Marry Me” music video, sparking rumors of an engagement looming. But in 2014, they split, with Sparks saying she was blindsided by the breakup.

In her interview with The Breakfast Club, Sparks said she and the TikTok sensation had a minor argument, she said she apologized and assumed they were fine. Sparks was scheduled to leave town the following day and noticed shortly afterward that something was off with them. “He helped me with my bag to the car, he kissed me and told me he loved me, and then didn’t call,” she told the radio show hosts. She also believes he was unfaithful. 

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