Jason Derulo’s Salmon Smoothies Are Gross But He’ll Try Anything to Stay Fit: ‘My Diet Ain’t About Taste’

Hollywood is full of celebrity diets, fitness routines, and odd workouts. It seems to come with the territory since many of them need to have a particular physique for a movie role or stay in shape to keep up with their music career demands. Either way, we’ve seen our share of wacky ideas that seem to work for them, regardless.

Most recently, however, is Jason Derulo’s salmon smoothies. He says he’ll do just about anything to stay fit, so his ‘diet ain’t about taste.’ Would you go this far to be fit, too?

Jason Derulo’s music career, biggest hits, and Tik Tok fame

Jason Derulo attends the world premiere of "Cats" at Alice Tully Hall, Lincoln Center on December 16, 2019 in New York City.
Jason Derulo | Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images

Derulo was first introduced to fans with his debut album Watcha Say in 2009, making additional hits like “Talk Dirty,” “Ridin’ Solo,” “Marry me,” and “The Other Side” in the following years. He quickly became admired for his talent for singing, songwriting, and dancing. That wouldn’t be all for the “Wiggle” singer, though.

According to Influencer Marketing Hub, his career started as early as high school when he wrote Birdman’s single “Bossy,” and many more for other musicians after. They also report that he “has sold more than 30 million singles and 11 platinum singles. [And] as of July 2020, has more than 56 million combined followers on all his social media platforms.” One social media platform, in particular, has more than 40 million of his fan base tuning in. 

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More recently, Derulo has shifted into a sensation on Tik Tok, becoming one of the most followed celebrities on the app. In fact, in five months of sharing videos on the platform, he went from under 10 million followers to over 30 million.

Following such incredible success, he began making a #millimeal for every one million followers to his account and doing ‘cooking Tik Toks.’ He even dropped $112,742 on dinner in celebration of “Savage Love” and his TikTok success.

His fitness routine and unusual workouts

Having a physique like Derulo’s doesn’t come without its sacrifices. He has always been straightforward when telling fans, it takes hard work and dedication. More shocking is how creative he can get in his workouts, using just about anything around him to keep his muscles in tip-top shape. This news can serve as a reminder to fans everywhere that you don’t need a gym in your basement to get fit.

Derulo opens up with Men’s Health on the importance of being resourceful with his workouts to get and maintain his physique. “You have to be really creative and not be afraid to look foolish. I’ve done anything from lifting my suitcase as dumbbells to just doing [a] crazy amount of pushups,” Derulo said. “I try to fool my body and always try to do something different because obviously, your body gets used to the same routine over and over again.”

Derulo’s food and diet experiments to have a healthy and attractive body

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Among Derulos list of “crazy diets” is a salmon smoothie that makes you queasy just at the thought of it. It’s not all the R&B singer has experimented with to fuel all of his crazy workout sessions, though. According to GQ, the Tik Tok influencer “has done everything under the sun” to maintain a healthy and attractive body. 

“I used to blend my salmon and have a salmon shake,” Derulo said. “I did all kinds of crazy shit. Sometimes I would literally just eat a bunch of eggs. Eggs and veggies. I went vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian. What works the best for me is when I intermittent fast and just do a high protein diet.”

There’s certainly no doubting the commitment and dedication that goes into getting as fit as Jason Derulo. His routines and diets are unusual, but they clearly have good results. It would be extremely difficult to even think about switching out a traditional smoothie for a salmon smoothie, though.