Jason Momoa Really Hates Plastic Water Bottles: They’re ‘Disgusting’ and ‘Not Good for You’

Jason Momoa’s career has flourished over the last few years. Besides being a talented actor with a specific look that audiences are going nuts for, he also takes his health very seriously. Additionally, Momoa is an environmentalist. From Samoan descent, his connections to nature are almost genetically embedded in his culture. Let’s take a look at what Jason Momoa has to say about plastic water bottles — because he has some strong feelings about single-use plastic.

Momoa’s reusable water bottle is an essential item

When Momoa was interviewed by GQ, he was asked to share 10 essential things that he can’t live without. He listed his first essential as water. He shared that he either has his water bottle with him at all times or his Mananalu, a company that he founded. He also shaved his signature beard to create some buzz for the new company.

Mananalu is water that is sold in aluminum cans. Aluminum is recyclable. Therefore, it is better for the planet. Momoa states on the Mananalu website, “We can no longer wait. It’s time to stop pointing at the problem and get on with the solution. Single-use plastic is bad for people and bad for the planet. It’s time to switch to aluminum. We have to do this for our land, our oceans, and future generations.” The idea is to get away from single-use plastic with water because bottled water is one of the number one users of single-use plastic. 

Jason Momoa hates plastic water bottles — and single-use plastic in general

Jason Momoa 'Sweet Girl' wearing suede jacket and black t-shirt
Jason Momoa ‘Sweet Girl’ | David M. Benett/Dave Benett via Getty Images

The next essentials that he lists for GQ continue along the same vein. He lists his bamboo toothbrush, spork, shampoo bar, Bite toothpaste, and Humble deodorant because of their limited use of plastic. However, the Humble deodorant comes in a plastic container. He says, “The only problem is it’s in plastic so I’m gonna do my best to call Donovan up and change this. So, I want to make it so I can have everything plastic-free, which is my goal. Now that I’ve become Aquaman, there’s just a lot of things I want to do to try to save the Earth.”

Momoa takes his role as Aquaman very seriously. The premise of the movie was that Atlantis, ruled by King Orm, was taking revenge on humanity for all the pollution we’ve been dumping into it for years. We dump 13 million metric tons of plastic into our oceans each year, killing sea life and changing the ecosystems in ways that are ultimately affecting life on land as well. These statistics were not lost on the celebrity, and he is now using his celebrity status to make changes.

A plane ride started it all

Momoa describes a moment when he was on a plane and noticed that all the beverages were in recyclable aluminum cans. However, he also noticed that the water was being served in a plastic bottle. Knowing how bad single-use plastic is for the environment, it was a trigger for him. The incident inspired him to create Mananalu, a company that sells water in aluminum cans. Momoa stated in his GQ interview,:

“I just think drinking out of a plastic bottle is disgusting and it’s not good for you. It’s not good for the Earth.”

Momoa has played some of the most grizzled and hardened characters to ever hit the screen. His role as Khal Drogo in the HBO series Game of Thrones and his role as Aquaman has elevated his celebrity status. Thankfully, Momoa is taking his responsibility as an idol to children and adults alike seriously by using it as a tool to promote environmental awareness.

Who knows? Perhaps with the help of Momoa and others like him, they can become superheroes for real and halt or slow down the destruction of our planet. 

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