Jason Sudeikis Reveals He Was Surprisingly Inspired by a Certain ‘Foo Fighters’ Song While Working on ‘Ted Lasso’ Season 2

Jason Sudeikis is currently enjoying the success of his Apple TV+ series Ted Lasso. The show has received positive reviews from audiences and critics alike and has been renewed for another season while still in production for its second season. The actor revealed his source of inspiration for Ted Lasso’s sophomore season, and it’s surprisingly a Foo Fighters song.

Jason Sudeikis from 'Ted Lasso' wearing a black shirt with white writing standing in front of a blue background with white writing.
Jason Sudeikis from ‘Ted Lasso’ | Getty Images

Ted Lasso’ is very optimistic

The series begins with the title character arriving in England for a coaching job. The move comes after Rebecca Welton, AFC Richmond’s new owner, hires Ted thinking his incompetence and lack of soccer knowledge will help tank the team as she had hoped.

However, Ted’s determination to succeed and do some good sets the course of a complex relationship between himself, Rebecca, and other team members. Many people are skeptical about his methods, and despite the jeers from fans and the unresponsive nature of the players, he remains hopeful and asks the team to believe that their victory is imminent.

Although Ted Lasso is a feel-good show, the showrunners say it is much darker than an average sitcom and that the positive aspect was an accident. The sentiments are proven correct when season 2 debuts with Richmond player Dani accidentally killing the team’s mascot.

After the greyhound mascot’s death, Dani loses his football skills, and the team hires a psychologist to help him recover. The Apple TV+ show rolls out new episodes every week, and although it’s in its eighth episode, the streamer has already renewed it for another season.

According to Deadline, showrunners Bill Lawrence and Brendan Hunt said that season 3 would begin in January 2022. While Sudeikis made the hit show a three-part series, season 3 doesn’t mark Ted Lasso’s end. The Saturday Night Live alum is reportedly open to continuing with the story if the opportunity arises.

Jason Sudeikis found inspiration for season 2 in a Foo Fighter’s song

Sudeikis said that he uses music as a driving force for how he goes about his creative process. The actor told Mark Hoppus on his After School Radio Show that he wrote many sketches to music during SNL.

The actor said that he found inspiration from one song by the Foo Fighters when making Ted Lasso’s second season. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the song in question is the 1998 hit song “My Hero” by the Foo Fighters. The actor said that when he first heard the song, he felt like he had seen a whole movie about the single clarifying “at least my interpretation of it.”

The 45-year-old said he has never contacted Foo Fighters bandmates Dave Grohl or Gus Brandt to find out what the song meant but admitted that he uses some of the themes and takeaways from ‘My Hero’ to create season 2 of the hit show Ted Lasso.

Sudeikis said that he first heard the song in his early 20s and admits that although he rarely gets inspired by music, he now pays attention to any songs that seem to leave an impression on him. It’s no surprise Sudeikis was inspired by the song due to one main takeaway being that heroes can be ordinary people, just like Ted Lasso.

What’s in store for season 3

Season 2 Episode 8 of Ted Lasso aired on September 10, 2021, with the next episode slated to air on September 17, 2021. There are four remaining episodes for season 2 to wrap up. Fans and the cast of Ted Lasso alike have their hopes for season 3.

Actor Hannah Waddingham who plays Rebecca, said that she hopes her character finds her inner calm to “thrive and be happy in all elements of life.” Fans might also possibly see some change in Ted’s relationship with his estranged wife. Either way it goes, everyone agrees that season 3 will be something to look forward to.

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