Jay-Z Roasted ‘Snowfall’ Star Damson Idris Over Shirtless Zoom Call

Snowfall made its grand return to FX in February, bringing Damson Idris’ Franklin Saint back for more drama in season 4. Since season 1, his character has become a fan-favorite hustler, morphing from a naïve amateur dealer into a streetwise entrepreneur.

Off camera, Idris has his fans, including Jay-Z and Beyoncé, who’ve made a point to meet him in person. Though he and the rapper-turned-mogul are cool, Jay-Z couldn’t resist some good-natured roasting at Idris’ expense.

'Snowfall' star Damson Idris
‘Snowfall’ star Damson Idris attends ‘The Americans’ Season 6 premiere | Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images

What Jay-Z said to Damson Idris when they first met

Damson Idris has always acknowledged his humble beginnings and his start in Hollywood. One last audition helped him secure his role in Snowfall, and he’s spoken about how a boarding pass is one of his most treasured possessions.

He once told Gentleman’s Journal, “I remember when I flew out for the final audition of Snowfall, I flew economy. And then they flew me back first class. But I still have the economy boarding pass — just to remind me where I came from.”

Idris couldn’t predict how Snowfall would blow up in popularity the way it did and change his life. Though occasionally his mind blown from meeting famous folks, he’s grown somewhat accustomed to being around people like Diddy or Jimmy Kimmel. Meeting Jay-Z was quite the moment too.

Idris told the Evening Standard when they first met, Jay-Z complimented the show.

“He told me that he binged Snowfall during the On the Run II tour,” said Idris. “And that apparently Beyoncé couldn’t believe I was actually British.” Since then, Idris has been on good terms with the couple, and even attends the Roc Nation Brunch that Jay-Z hosts.

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Jay-Z roasts Idris for being shirtless

During a recent appearance on Good Morning America, Idris shared a story about Zoom and Jay-Z. He said when the pandemic first began, he wasn’t familiar with Zoom but was prompted to hop on a seemingly quick call.

“My friend says, ‘Hey, jump on Zoom. It’s our friend Lenny S.’s birthday.’ So, I jump on Zoom and immediately, everyone’s laughing because I’m topless,” said Idris.

“I thought there was going to be four people in there. It’s literally 40 people in there. And I hear a distinctive voice and the voice is like, ‘Ay man, this man’s on here topless with his nipples out and he’s got the gray headboard. Yo, who’s in charge of the Zoom? You see that guy Damson? Kick him out,’” he said.

Idris imitated Jay-Z’s voice to drive home the fact he was the one cracking on him for not wearing a shirt. He said he scrolled through the Zoom and noticed how many celebrities were there laughing at him. He tried to charm his way out of embarrassment, but not even a hoodie could save him.

Actor/comedian Lil Rel later confirmed the story on Twitter. Everyone was celebrating photographer and Roc Nation veteran Lenny Santiago. He said Jay-Z was roasting everyone, but Idris’ topless Zoom appearance sent things to a different level.

Fans can watch the current season of Snowfall each Wednesday at 10 p.m. EST on FX.