Jeannie Mai is ‘Eating Everything in the House’ After Her ‘DWTS’-Ending Health Scare, According to Fiancé Jeezy

Jeannie Mai has been known to do it all. The Emmy-winning talk show host recently joined Dancing with the Stars and was a favorite to go all the way to the end. But her DWTS run was cut short when she had to undergo emergency surgery for a life-threatening issue.

Jeannie Mai
Jeannie Mai | John Sciulli/Getty Images for Beautycon

Jeannie Mai was a favorite for this season of ‘Dancing with the Stars’

Season 29 of Dancing with the Stars represented a big shift for the long-running competition show. Tyra Banks took over hosting duties from Tom Bergeron and Erin Andrews. And stars such as Tiger King‘s Carole Baskin took to the dance floor for a chance to win the Mirror Ball trophy.

The Real co-host Jeannie Mai was a welcome addition to DWTS, and many fans were excited to see her perform every week. Paired with professional dancer Brandon Armstrong, Mai and her partner earned consistent scores throughout the first few weeks of the competition that kept them safe.

Things quickly took a turn for the worse, however, halfway through the competition.

Jeannie Mai attends 2018 Samsung Charity Gala at The Manhattan Center.
Jeannie Mai | John Lamparski/WireImage

Jeannie Mai had a serious health scare during ‘Dancing with the Stars’

Mai announced on November 2 that she would be withdrawing from DWTS because of a serious health issue that required emergency surgery. She developed a severe case of epiglottitis, where she developed an abscess in her throat that kept her from breathing.

Her doctor told her she needed to pull out of DWTS immediately to have the procedure or she risked losing her life. In an Instagram post from her hospital bed, Mai reassured fans that everything was OK.

“I would never imagine ever having to write this, but I made it safely out of my emergency surgery,” she said, thanking the doctor who identified her “potentially life-threatening” condition. “What simply started as a sore throat had unbeknownst to me become a dangerous infection that already closed at least 60% of my airway and resulted in a throat abscess that spread in a matter of 3 days.”

“Although I am grateful to be recovering safely, I can’t lie… I am devastated by the fact that my journey with #DWTS will end this way,” she continued. “Dancing on this show has been the most exhilarating adventure. I’ve gained both beautiful friendships and loving supporters.”

Jeannie Mai and Jeezy
Jeannie Mai and Jeezy | Paras Griffin/Getty Images for Tyler Perry Studios

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Jeezy says Jeannie Mai is recovering at home just fine

In the weeks since then, fans have been eager for an update on Mai’s progress. Her fiancé, rap star Jeezy, stopped by The Real to talk with his fiancée’s co-hosts about how she’s doing and what the experience was like. He noticed one morning that she was struggling to breathe and rushed her to the emergency room, and has been with her every step of the way to recovery.

“She’s doing well,” Jeezy said of Mai. “She’s eating everything in the house, but she’s definitely doing well.” He noted that it’s been “hard to get her to rest” because she’s such an active person and not one to give up on anything easily.

“You guys know Jeannie more than I do,” Jeezy said. “She’s not a quitter. She’s a fighter. And just so you know, right after surgery, she was trying to figure out how to get back on that show!”