Jeezy Says His Ex-Girlfriend Is Jealous Of His Engagement To Jeannie Mai In Court Battle

While The Real co-host Jeannie Mai prepares for her upcoming wedding to Jeezy, the rapper has his hands full with a court battle. Jeezy and his ex are embroiled in a nasty child support and custody battle. He’s now accusing his ex of being jealous of his engagement to Mai and harassing him with court cases. 

Jeezy and Jeannie Mai
Jeezy and Jeannie Mai via Twitter

Jeezy and his ex are currently fighting over child support

Mahlet “Mahi” Gebremedhin and Jeezy dated for a number of years and share a six-year-old daughter. The couple were said to have gotten engaged in 2016 but called it quits shortly after. They continued to co-parent and were assumed to be amicable until things went awry this Spring when Gebremedhin sued her ex for not holding up his end of the deal on their child support and custody order. 

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Bossip reported an agreement between the former couple was reached in March 2020 in which Jeezy agreed to pay Gebremedhin $7,500 month in child support. He also agreed to pay an additional $30,000 education; expenses, cover the cost of life insurance and health insurance, and to give Gebremedhin $30,000 toward a new vehicle.

Things were apparently going well until Gebremedhin went to purchase a car. She claims that Jeezy resisted the purchase after she forwarded the purchase information to his attorney. She agreed to finance the remaining balance due on the car but was told that Jeezy was unable to help due to his income being affected because of the coronavirus pandemic. Other options were offered to Jeezy but still said no. 

Gebremedhin filed a motion with family court and an agreement was reached, with Jeezy sending her the money for her car.

Jeezy accuses his ex of harassment and says she’s jealous that he’s engaged to Jeannie Mai

The car debacle was not the end of the drama between Jeezy and Gebremedhin. She accused Jeezy of falling behind on his child support for April 2020 and wants him jailed for violating their agreement, which she said he’s done three times since the agreement was reached.

She also accused Jeezy of failing to enroll in a court-ordered monitored co-parenting app for them to communicate through, and for failing to secure life insurance for their daughter.

Jeezy shot back with accusations that Gebremedhin has become distressed since his engagement to Mai. He proposed to Mai April 2020, the same month Gebremedhin alleges that he did not pay child support.
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Jeezy claims in new court documents obtained by Bossip that Gebremedhin filing her court papers was “a vindictive and malevolent response” to his engagement. He alleges that Gebremedhin is livid that he ended their relationship and files motions for contempt against him to harass him. 

According to him, the current terms of their court order freed him of paying child support for April 2020 and he says he’s in compliance with the order. He also accuses his ex of having “manic fits” and threatening to kill him. He says he is concerned about her mental health.