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Jenelle Evans has a lot to deal with at the moment. Not only is she out of a job, but the mother of three has lost custody of all her children, and it doesn’t look like they’ll be returned to her care anytime soon. Just weeks before Evans’ husband, David Eason shot the family dog; she allegedly had plans to revitalize her cosmetics brand. That seems to be on the back burner now, but could the JE Cosmetics line be her saving grace?

Is Jenelle Evans banking on her cosmetics company to pay the bills?

In court testimony, Evans, 28, disclosed that she made $400,000 last year for her role on Teen Mom 2. The astonishingly high salary explains a lot about the reality TV starlet and the lifestyle she is living, but with that money seemingly gone, she’ll need to switch directions to make a living again.

While Evans filed paperwork to revitalize her brand nearly a month before her entire world imploded, it seems particularly ironic. In fact, it might have been fortuitous for Evans if she had actually walked away from Eason and her marriage after the death of Nugget. Considering the fact that Evans has done little to endear herself to her fans, the likelihood that her makeup brand will excel, at least at the moment, is unlikely.

According to JE Cosmetics’ Instagram page, the former reality star will be launching a brow kit over the summer. The account also features photos of lip colors, but there is no word on when and if that product will launch.

Why didn’t JE Cosmetics get off the ground during its initial launch?

Evans has been trying desperately to launch her business since 2018, but several roadblocks forced the North Carolina native to abandon the project. In 2018 her trademark application was riddled with problems and ultimately was denied.

Once her trademark was denied, Jenelle quickly closed down the business. The website was abandoned, existing products were ripped from the online shop, and the entire concept seemed over. Jenelle wouldn’t be the first teen mom to abandon a business venture, though. Tyler and Catelynn of Teen Mom OG recently abandoned their children’s clothing boutique and Farrah Abraham, also of Teen Mom fame, has been sued for back rent for several of the storefronts she shuttered during 2018.

Fans are littering Jenelle’s page with horrible comments

Jenelle’s publicity team sure doesn’t know a lot about timing. Following the death of Nugget, Jenelle’s team started to tease new products from the JE line. The move incensed fans. Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook have been littered with comments from fans, and none of them are pleasant.

Teen Mom 2 fans have taken to the products pages to denounce the line, and attack Jenelle for continuing to stand by her man. Evans also received flack for taking a day trip with her troubled husband while her children remain in the custody of guardians.