Jenelle Evans Says ‘I Choose Not to Have Friends,’ Fans Call It Out as a Red Flag

It seems like there is still tension between Jenelle Evans and the friends who reportedly tried to help her. The former Teen Mom 2 star’s husband was arrested and accused of assaulting one of them. Find out what she said about choosing to not have friends and more.

David Eason was accused of assaulting Jenelle Evans’ friend

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On June 12, David Eason was arrested and accused of assault and communicating threats. TMZ reported Evans had two friends, James Spivey and Josh Galloway, come over to help move her things out.

Eason was accused of hitting Spivey on the neck with a pistol, and threatening him by saying “I will blow your f*cking brains out.” Her husband was arrested then released.

“I’m shaking and saddened by this, it’s time for me to move on from this relationship and find happiness for my kids and myself elsewhere,” she told Celebernation.

James Spivey and Josh Galloway spoke out

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Spivey and Galloway spoke out about the situation after the alleged incident. Spivey claimed that the couple is now back together.

“She’s claiming she’s with relatives, but it’s the opposite,” Spivey told The Sun. “She’s staying at the property. They’re back together.”

He then claimed another thing she said after the incident didn’t happen. “She hasn’t filed the restraining order,” Spivey said. “On Friday she had the paperwork for the restraining order, but did not file it on Monday like she said.”

Galloway also tweeted on June 19, “So apparently her saying ‘me & my kids are safe’ to her fans, & tabloids is perfectly okay. But me tweeting saying that my partner who was f*cking pistol whipped is okay, IS WRONG OF ME & IM A TOXIC FRIEND.”

She said she chooses to not have friends

Jenelle Evans
Jenelle Evans | Bruce Glikas/Getty Images

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Evans continued to tweet about her friendships or the lack of them on Twitter. She returned on June 23 to admit she doesn’t have them.

“Damn everything is always about you Josh. Wake up to fake friends selling stories again, go figure. This is exactly why I choose not to have friends,” she tweeted.

Fans started reacting to the tweet calling it a red flag. “She chose to not have friends spoken like a true victim of abuse,” replied one person. “It’s your husband. That’s why you can’t have friends and you know it. Hope one day you’re strong enough to really leave,” tweeted another person.

Some people also defended Galloway. “Is this the same Josh that helped u [sic] and got beaten up by your husband? Then u [sic] went straight b[a]ck to him. I would sell that story too your [sic] not his friend,” tweeted one fan. Evans later deleted the tweet.