Jenelle Evans Talks Counseling With David Eason and Getting a New Dog

Some of Jenelle Evans and David Eason’s biggest problems started after the news of her dog was killed. Now Teen Mom 2 fans won’t be able to see her on the show but are keeping close attention to her social media. Find out what she said about them getting counseling and how she got a new dog.

Jenelle Evans was fired from ‘Teen Mom 2’ after the death of her dog

Eason reportedly killed Eason’s dog, which led to a lot of backlash. She was later fired from Teen Mom 2.

MTV ended its relationship with David Eason over a year ago in February 2018 and has not filmed any new episodes of Teen Mom 2 with him since,” a spokesperson for MTV told Us Weekly. “Additionally, we have stopped filming with Jenelle Eason as of April 6, 2019, and have no plans to cover her story in the upcoming season.”

There was later a question of whether Eason actually shot the dog. He then talked about the situation.

“It was a situation where my daughter, her health, her safety was in danger,” Eason said on People Now. “This was something that nobody wants to ever have to do. The dog was aggressive. Yes, she might not be huge or whatever, but you know when a dog bites a child on the face more than one time, then it should never be around the child again. If you give the dog up for adoption, one day it’s going to be around children again.”

He also said, “If you call the authorities at that point, the law says the dog has to be euthanized. I’m not going to pay anyone to euthanize my dog when I could do it myself.”

Evans and Eason are ‘deciding what to do about our futures’

Jenelle Evans and David Eason
Jenelle Evans and David Eason | Bruce Glikas/Getty Images

There was a rumor Evans and Eason are getting back together because they were seen together after she announced she will be filing for divorce. She addressed the rumor with Us Weekly.

“David and I are not together as of now,” she said. “We are co-parenting and deciding what to do about our futures because we own a house together. We cannot sell the house until we get repairs from the housing company who built it.”

Evans then talked about moving. “I still have my apartment in Tennessee and have been primarily residing there. We may be looking into co-parenting counseling in the future,” she explained. “A lot of people are making assumptions about stuff they don’t know. Like I always say, unless you hear it from my mouth, don’t believe it.”

She said they are considering counseling and she got a new dog

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Evans gave an update on their co-parenting to E! News. “We are going to consider counseling,” she said. A source also claimed to know whether they are reconciling romantically.

“Jenelle and David are not fully back together and as of now Jenelle still has her Nashville apartment and has it until at least April,” the insider claimed. “They are looking into counseling options to see if they can work things out.”

The former reality star also revealed that she got a new pet. “I got a new dog back when I separated from David. Yes, I was in Walmart,” she revealed. “I bought a Goldendoodle back in November when I moved to Tennessee and now she goes with me everywhere. Her name is Rosie. She just needed a new bed but we have another dog that we’ve had since last year. She’s not new to me but no one knows.”

Evans previously revealed she will be released from her contact with MTV in April. That’s why she hasn’t returned to reality TV.