‘The Office’: Jenna Fischer Gets Last Laugh In Twitter Troll War With John Krasinski

“Look out world ’cause old Pammy is getting what she wants.” And don’t call her Pammy! Jenna Fischer, who famously played Pam on the hit NBC series The Office, certainly had cause to celebrate when the team she was rooting for (The Saint Louis Blues) won the Stanley Cup last night. The actress has been publically supporting the team for the past few weeks on her social media channels.

Jenna Fischer & John Krasinski
Jenna Fischer & John Krasinski | Photo by: Vivian Zink/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images


The Blues ended up beating the Boston Bruins in game seven in a 2 to 1 lead. Funnily enough, Fischer’s former costar and on-screen husband, John Krasinski, (who played Jim on the series) was rooting for the other team. The two have been trading playful jabs for the last week, but Fischer made sure to have the last laugh.

Blues vs. Bruins

For the past several games the pair have been taunting one another via social media regarding the hockey rivalry, but it all came to a head last night during the Stanley Cup. Krasinski took trolling to a whole new stratosphere when he recorded a video of himself attending the game and posted it on his Twitter page tagging Fischer. In the video, Krasinski taunts Fischer for not being able to attend the game in person and then pans the camera to David Denman (who played Pam’s ex-fiance, Roy, on the show) for a quick hello. Krasinski then pans the camera back to himself, giving the camera a grinch worthy grin.

John Krasinski’s message

“Game 7 Stanley Cup. Jenna Fischer, I know we’ve been having our ups and down recently. I just wanted to say I’m sorry you’re not here. This is your seat right here and I was really bummed you couldn’t make it.” Krasinski starts, gloating that he’s actually watching the game from the arena.

“But honestly let’s just have the best team win.” the A Quiet Place actor continues. He then goes on to say how both teams have been playing very well before Denman interrupts his speech by purposefully walking into the shot. Krasinski continues briefly before giving Denman a quick aside. “This is Jenna by the way,” he says. “Oh…hey” Denman replies dryly, clearly in on the joke.

Queen of trolling

Most fans had granted Krasinski the winner of the troll war at this point, but Fischer proved that she was not to be outsmarted. “Ha. Ha. Ha. Well played. Just be careful he doesn’t leave you at the game.” the actress tweeted back in response. Of course, fans of The Office immediately lost it. Fischer was referring to the fact that on Pam and Roy’s first date, he took her to a sporting event with his brother and then promptly forgot her, leaving her at alone and without a ride home.


That final tweet secured the win for Fischer. Not only did her team take home the Stanley Cup, but she also was crowned the winner of the trolling war with Krasinski. As if that win wasn’t enough, she is continuing to troll her former costar but rubbing the win in his face. Last night, she posted a video of her frosting a celebratory cake on Instagram and tagged Krasinski in it. “Yeah! Haha John Krasinski! I got my Gloria cake and I’m going to eat it too.” she taunts excitedly to the camera.

The Office

This whole back and forth is so reminiscent of Season 5, Episode 10 of The Office “The Surplus” where Jim and Pam are on opposing sides, but still manage to both be charming and adorable at the same time. It’s great to see the famous pair interact on and off screen and we hope that they continue their amazing friendship for years to come.