Jennifer Aniston Is Unlikely To Ever Star in a Movie Involving A Lot Of Water for a Relatable Reason

Jennifer Aniston has had some pretty iconic roles, even though she is mostly remembered for playing Rachel Green, the spoiled Long Island princess turned career woman, in Friends. Since the end of the wildly popular series, she’s taken on comedic and dramatic movie roles. There is one type of movie that fans are unlikely ever to see Aniston take. Aniston is unlikely to take any roles that revolve entirely around the water. 

Jennifer Aniston is terrified of being underwater

Aniston has spent her adult life in California and currently enjoys a home with a gorgeous pool and vista views. The California-based beauty probably doesn’t spend much time frolicking in the ocean, though. Aniston is terrified of the water. In 2015, the famed actor revealed that her biggest fear is being underwater, and she can trace the lifelong fear back to a childhood incident.

Jennifer Aniston arrives at the premiere of Universal Pictures' 'Wanderlust' held at Mann Village Theatre on February 16, 2012
Jennifer Aniston | Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Aniston told E! that she was riding a tricycle around the perimeter of a pool as a young child when she accidentally drove the three-wheeler into the water. For whatever reason, Aniston didn’t let go of her bike and was submerged in the pool. She went on to say that while her brother tried to help her and she was pulled from the water safe and sound, she has a lifelong fear of being underwater now.

Water scenes in Cake were especially difficult for her

Aniston revealed the lifelong fear while doing publicity for her 2015 film, Cake. In the movie, Aniston portrayed a woman suffering from chronic pain issues. Several scenes required Aniston to get into a pool. She admitted the scenes were difficult ones for her to go through with. Scenes requiring her to put water near her face were especially challenging. 

Jennifer Aniston seen filming a scene for 'Cake' in Los Angeles
Jennifer Aniston | Pixplus/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images

Aniston was nominated for multiple awards for the portrayal. The movie was not her first foray into a serious role, but it is, by far, her most celebrated. Before taking on Cake, Aniston appeared in Derailed. The 2005 thriller also featured Vincent Cassell and Clive Owen. The movie, however, was not well received, according to Rotten Tomatoes.

Will Aniston ever appear in a water-based movie?

While Aniston put her fears aside for her performance in Cake, it was no cakewalk. She told People that a scene in the movie was one of the most difficult scenes she’s ever done and led to the most difficult day of her acting career. In Cake, Aniston’s character, Claire, attends physical therapy, much of which is done in a pool. In one scene, Claire goes underwater with weights. Aniston admitted the scene took 30 takes and was one of the most difficult days of her life on the job.

Jennifer Aniston on location for 'The Morning Show'
Jennifer Aniston | James Devaney/GC Images

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So, does that mean she’ll never take on an entirely water-based part? Aniston doesn’t count anything out. It seems, for the right role, she’ll do just about anything, even if it means facing her biggest fear. The opportunity hasn’t come up yet, and due to her current obligations, it likely won’t appear soon, either. Aniston is currently working on the second season of The Morning Show and is signed on to Hail Mary, a movie in pre-production. Aniston is also signed onto First Ladies, a Netflix original, and Murder Mystery 2.