Jennifer Aniston Reveals How Often the ‘Friends’ Cast Gets Together

In case you haven’t heard enough about a potential Friends reunion, star Jennifer Aniston is trying to avoid the subject. But what she does want to talk about it how often she gets together with her former co-stars. Here’s what she has to say.

‘Friends’ was a popular TV series in the ’90s and ’00s

The cast of 'Friends'
The cast of ‘Friends’ | Getty Images / Handout

OK, you know what Friends is. But quickly, let’s recap: The TV series, which first aired over 25 years ago in the Fall of 1994, is an NBC sitcom about a group of young adult Manhattan residents experiencing life and love in the big city. It’s also a cultural phenomenon and ran for an impressive ten seasons.

The show starred Matthew Perry as Chandler Bing, Courteney Cox as Monica Gellar, Matt LeBlanc as Joey Tribiiani, Lisa Kudrow as Phoebe Buffay, David Schwimmer as Ross Gellar, and Aniston as Rachel Green. Prior to the series, all were relative unknowns.

All of the cast have gone on to do different things

Since Friends ended, the cast has gone on to do a lot of different things. Perry did OK on the big screen for a couple of years, but is better known for series like Go On and The Odd Couple.

Cox starred in the Scream film series (most of which was released during Friends‘ run). She then starred in the short-lived drama Dirt and followed that with the cult-favorite comedy Cougar Town.

LeBlanc has starred in a handful of TV series, including the spinoff Joey, the Showtime comedy Episodes, and the current CBS sitcom Man with a Plan.

Meanwhile, Kudrow co-created her Emmy-nominated series The Comeback, which had just two seasons. Her Showtime comedy, Web Therapy, was also highly regarded. You may have seen her in Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt or Grace and Frankie in recurring roles.

Schwimmer went on to voice the giraffe character in the Madagascar franchise, and also focused on directing. He’s had a resurgence on the small screen in recent years, nominated for an Emmy for playing Robert Kardashian The People v. O. J. Simpson: American Crime Story.

Jennifer Aniston is returning to TV

However, of all the Friends stars, it’s Aniston whose career has soared the highest. She made a seamless transition to the big screen, starring in a host of popular comedies from Rumor Has It to Horrible Bosses. She’s even gotten to that highly coveted place where she’s executive producing most of her own work.

Enter Aniston’s newest project, her first time back on TV is a main cast member role since Friends. She stars as Alex Levy, a co-anchor for the titular program in The Morning Show. The series is now airing on Apple TV+.

How often do the ‘Friends’ see each other?

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Over the years, the Friends have worked with each other occasionally. Aniston and Perry both made guest appearances on Cougar Town, Cox showed up in Go On, and everyone aside from Aniston was in at least one episode of Web Therapy.

Because of this, we assume they all keep in touch. Aniston confirms this. On Stephen Colbert on The Late Show, she said of them all getting together, “It happens a couple — once every two years,” adding “It’s hard to get us all in the same place.” This is just for the whole group though. “For the girl [Kudrow, Aniston, and Cox], [we get together] all the time.”

Here’s what we know about a potential ‘Friends’ reunion

After Aniston’s record-breaking Instagram photo of the Friends co-stars all together, the question on everyone’s mind is: Will there be a reunion. All she can say is, “Something is happening.” She repeated this to Colbert several times, so for now, that’s all we’re going to get.