Jennifer Aniston Reveals She Likes Being Single, But Hates This

The worst type of life pressure is your friends and family pestering you to date or get married by a certain age. Jennifer Aniston has a right to shove all of that away for a long while after experiencing two failed marriages and continuing to experience stunning career success.

One thing she’s learned is that single is a lot better in numerous ways. She’s even found out that despite divorce, you can still be friends with your former spouses as she’s managed to do with both Brad Pitt and Justin Theroux

This still doesn’t stop Aniston’s friends from hounding her about getting back into the dating loop. While she recently revealed being single is great, she hates it when her real-world friends try to set her up for dates.

Howard Stern opened a Pandora’s Box in setting dates up for Aniston

Jennifer Aniston arrives at the 30th Santa Barbara International Film Festival.
Jennifer Aniston | Michael Tran/FilmMagic

You can always count on Howard Stern managing to persuade his guests to reveal things they likely never would on other shows. When Aniston appeared on his SiriusXM radio show recently, she answered “Yeah” when Stern asked if she was enjoying being single.

Then Stern (facetiously or not) said he’d set Aniston up with a date. She immediately replied she hated being set up for dates, for obvious reasons. Who really wants to be set up with someone you haven’t even met yet?

Kudos to Aniston for speaking out in a world where everyone thinks someone should be dating someone else. Just because Aniston doesn’t have kids yet, everyone in her orbit apparently feels like it’s their responsibility to find someone she can marry again to start a family.

As she noted later in the interview, her career is coming first — at least in the immediate term. With a lot going on right now, Aniston is probably setting up a template many other women are going to follow.

Should career always come first?

If you’re happy in your work, everyone should focus on that first before committing themselves romantically with someone in their lives. In the field of acting, this is more important than ever since it’s always going to involve being apart for long periods from your significant other, whether married or not.

There’s clearly a lot going for Aniston this year alone. Upcoming is The Morning Show for Apple TV+, not including coming off a successful movie with Adam Sandler at Netflix (Murder Mystery). The latter will have a sequel with Aniston and Sandler reportedly returning.

Other projects are probably in the pipeline, though we simply haven’t heard about them yet. Plus, when you add in all the adulation about Friends celebrating its 25th anniversary this year, 2019 is truly one of Aniston’s best career times.

Anyone would be annoyed to be set up for a date when they have this much going in their life offering happiness. Even if love can end up striking like a bolt of lightning sometimes, Aniston may feel like living in Hollywood is too much of a bubble in always having to date fellow actors.

Will other women follow in Jennifer Aniston’s steps?

Many women in America already are looking at being single as a major advantage over finding themselves in complicated relationships. Some statistics show 83% of women prefer being single, beating out the percentage of men who prefer staying bachelors.

Considering Aniston is one of the most influential women in the world, we can see her upholding this statistic even further. Maybe some will consider it ironic this happened when Friends was all about who was hooking up with whom next.

If nothing else, Friends now shows us there’s a wide divide between what was happening in the 1990s/early 2000s compared to a more complicated world in 2019.