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Jennifer Aniston experienced a huge scare after she thought her plane might go down. The actress suffered through the alarming flight earlier this year and was accompanied by some of her closest girlfriends. But when she thought the plane was going down, the Friends star texted someone most fans would never guess.

Jennifer Aniston
Jennifer Aniston | Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Jennifer Aniston experiences birthday scare

Aniston’s terrifying experience happened a few months ago during a trip to Mexico with her closest friends. Aniston was venturing south to celebrate her 50th birthday and never dreamed things would take a turn for the worse. According to Access, Aniston opened up about what happened on the flight during an interview with Ellen DeGeneres.

“When we were in flight, it was very turbulent,” Aniston shared. “Everyone else was very calm because they’re not afraid of flying.”

Aniston noted that the turbulence lasted around an hour and a half before a stewardess walked over to explain what was going on. The staffer told Aniston that the pilot wanted to speak to her, but she refused to budge from her seat. Instead, she sent one of her friends to the cockpit. At that moment, Aniston says that everyone on board started freaking out, including her bestie, Courteney Cox. Most of the passengers began texting their loved ones to inform them what was happening.

Who did Jennifer Aniston text?

The actress recalled thinking about who she should text in the event that the plane went down. Most fans might guess Aniston would text a close friend or one of her exes, but that was not the case. Instead, Aniston revealed that she received a text from DeGeneres, who asked if she was doing okay.

In that moment, Aniston realized that there are people out there who care about her and that she probably would have reached out to DeGeneres first.

Although everything worked out in the end, the situation was actually pretty dangerous. In fact, Aniston’s plane was forced to fly in circles for six hours to burn through excess fuel. The pilot was concerned that if the landing did not go as planned the fuel would ignite, dooming the passengers.

While the plane circled the skies, Aniston bought drinks for herself and her pals, all of whom got fairly wasted before they landed safely. Despite the close call, Aniston and her friends boarded a flight the following day to a destination in Mexico.

Jennifer Aniston shared guacamole with Ayesha Curry

Speaking of her interview with DeGeneres, Aniston also enjoyed some time on the set with Ayesha Curry. Curry appeared on the daytime talk show to teach Aniston and DeGeneres how to make a few recipes from her new cookbook.

In the segment, Curry showed the duo how to mix a mango lemonade cocktail and how to make veggie pasta with a side of home-made guacamole. When it comes to her version of the famous dip, Curry adds a slew of ingredients, including red onions, garlic, and Havarti cheese — all of which got Aniston’s stamp of approval.

Curry owns a successful restaurant chain called International Smoke. She also appeared on the Ellen DeGeneres Show to promote her new series, called Fempire with Ayesha Curry. While some people have accused Ayesha of using her husband, Steph Curry’s, success to launch her restaurants, she made it very clear that the Warriors star has never invested in her business ventures. Instead, she started her restaurants with her own money and has earned success through hard work.

Is Jennifer Aniston getting ready for a ‘Friends’ reunion?

Plane scare and guacamole aside, Aniston is considering reprising her role for a Friends reunion. We are getting close to the 25th anniversary of the end of the iconic sitcom, and the actress is changing her tune about a potential reunion. During her interview with DeGeneres, Aniston said that she is totally up for a Friends reunion and thinks the rest of the cast will jump on board as well.

Aniston has previously shot down the idea of getting the cast back together, as have other members of the cast. It is unclear if a project is in the works, but Aniston seemed pretty open to the idea of getting the gang back together.