Jennifer Coolidge Wants ‘Legally Blonde 3’ to Be a Fast-Paced Action Movie

In 2022, fans of Legally Blonde can finally settle in to watch the third installment in the series. The 2001 comedy film has already spawned a sequel and a Legally Blonde musical. Now, the series will pick up with protagonist Elle Woods at 40. Outside of this basic fact, though, not much is known about the upcoming film. One of its stars, Jennifer Coolidge, isn’t sure about the movie plot either. Still, she revealed the surprising direction that she wants Legally Blonde 3 to take. 

'Legally Blonde 3' star Jennifer Coolidge purses her lips and turns to the camera at an event for a movie.
Jennifer Coolidge | Shane Gritzinger/FilmMagic

‘Legally Blonde 3’ is coming in 2022

In June 2018, Reese Witherspoon confirmed that Legally Blonde 3 is officially coming to screens. Though the 2003 sequel, Legally Blonde 2: Red, White & Blonde, generally received negative reviews, there is a current boom of sequels and remakes. There’s no better time to reintroduce the world to Elle Woods

Per Variety, Mindy Kaling and Dan Goor (Parks and Recreation) wrote the screenplay for the upcoming film. The franchise’s original producer, Marc Platt, also joined the project. Beyond that, however, little is publicly known about the film. Coolidge has confirmed she is returning for the project, but no other stars are attached yet. Any plot details are also unclear. 

Jennifer Coolidge has an idea of what she wants to see in the movie

Despite the hazy details, Coolidge has a clear idea of what she wants to see in the film. On the Emmys red carpet, she spoke to host Karamo Brown about her hopes for the movie.

“I’m going to ask [Kaling] what’s happening with the Legally Blonde script,” she said. “I hope Reese and I are running really fast for most of it. We’re running from something really fast.”

She added that she wants the film to have some thrilling, action aspects.

“I don’t know what it’ll be this time around, I just hope it’s some really fast-moving, caper-type…that we get into some trouble,” she added.

A fast-paced legal thriller would be a departure from the bubbly comedy of the first two films but, with Coolidge, it would still be a fun watch.

‘Legally Blonde 3’ has been delayed several times

Coolidge’s lack of information on Legally Blonde 3 makes sense, considering the film has been delayed multiple times. In 2018, MGM announced that the film would be released on Valentine’s Day, 2020. Though the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic likely would have halted the release, production was already behind. 

Following this, the film scheduled a May 2020 release, which was soon pushed back to May 2022. 

On a July 2021 appearance on Watch What Happens Live, Kaling revealed that she and Goor were still working on the script’s first draft. 

She said that the most intimidating part of writing was “capturing the voice, and also things like the ‘bend and snap.’ There are so many iconic moments in that that we have to come up with our new version.” 

As the script is still a work in progress, maybe some of Coolidge’s action-packed ideas will make their way into the finished product. 

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