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Jennifer Garner is the kind of star who is famous, accomplished, and beautiful, yet makes people feel like they could be her best friend if they had the chance. Her approachable friendliness is enhanced by her fresh-faced beauty. One good example of how down-to-earth she is can be seen in how happy she is to share her beauty secrets. Recently she revealed the blush that gives her that enviable glow. Read on for all the details. 

Jennifer Garner’s success hasn’t made her seem unapproachable

Jennifer Garner attends a premiere.
Jennifer Garner | Getty Images

Although she grew up planning to be a teacher or writer, Garner was destined for the stage. Her first big role was the lead in the J.J. Abrams series Alias. She starred in the show for five years, during which she even studied martial arts to understand her character better. 

Garner went on to star in a number of movies, including Pearl Harbor, 13 Going on 30, and Daredevil. It was during the filming of Daredevil that Garner fell in love with Ben Affleck.

The couple got married in 2005, and they seemed blissfully happy. At the time of the wedding, Garner was pregnant with Violet, the first of their three children. They went on to have another daughter, Seraphina, and a son, Samuel.

In 2015, fans were heartbroken to hear that Garner and Affleck’s fairytale marriage was over. Affleck was struggling with addiction and all the bad choices that come along with it. Despite the sad end to their marriage, Garner went on to prove that you can live a joyful life as a single parent. 

Commonsense beauty advice

Garner has a knack for bringing realistic fun and enthusiasm to her days. For example, she’s turned her love for cooking into her funny and sincere social media videos Pretend Cooking Show.

She can be counted on to bring the same down-to-earth positivity to her beauty routine. Prevention reports that when her friend Reese Witherspoon wrote a book, Garner celebrated by imitating Witherspoon and picking up her kids at school with hot rollers in her hair. 

When it comes to actual beauty tips, her advice is pretty straightforward. She says the best thing you can do for your skin is to wear sunscreen religiously. She also recommends getting plenty of sleep and starting the day with a workout. She has a salad for lunch every day, making sure she gets enough nutrition to be at her best. 

As a spokesperson for Neutrogena, Garner can recommend several of her favorite products from their line, such as their sesame body oil. But one of her longtime favorite beauty products comes from an entirely different brand. 

She’s used her favorite blush for two decades

In a recent interview with New York Magazine, Garner revealed the blush she relies on to give her that fresh-faced glow she’s famous for. The one true cheek color for her is Stila Convertible Color Blush in the shade Peony — and she’s depended on it for a long time. 

“I’ve used this Peony blush as long as it’s been out. I don’t know if it’s been all of 20 years, but it feels close to that,” Garner explained. “I love it because you’re never going to put it on and look like a clown. It also layers up really nicely. You can use it to give some color to the apples of your cheeks, your lips, your eyelids, wherever. It’s perfect in that way.”


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This translucent cream blush is made to be used on cheeks or lips for a natural, subtle flush of color. You can order it online from Stila Cosmetics or Ulta, and it will set you back $25. 

Garner doesn’t seem to age as most mortals do. While few people will ever achieve her level of timeless beauty, at least fans know where they can get her secret for rosy cheeks.