Jennifer Hudson Really Wants to Join This 1 TV Show (Hint: It’s Not ‘The Voice’)

Jennifer Hudson joined as a coach on The Voice Season 13, and there’s a lot to talk about. The singer and actress, who got her start on another singing competition show, American Idol, has accomplished a lot during her showbiz career and is ready to pass on that knowledge to up-and-comers.

Hudson has been in the press a lot recently, talking about her new role, her past, and what’s to come. Here’s what we’ve learned about her since she started on The Voice.

She came to The Voice to win

Jennifer Hudson arrives for the press launch of The Voice UK at Millbank Tower on January 4, 2017 in London, England.

Jennifer Hudson  | Jeff Spicer/Getty Images

Considering she already won as a coach on the UK version of the show, it’s no surprise that Hudson came to The Voice to win. In an interview with ET, she explained how she plans to go about doing that.

“I know when I see talent, I feel it,” she said. “I go by my instinct, and how that sound makes me feel.”

In the interview, Hudson also calls out her fellow coaches and talks about her own accomplishments. After Miley Cyrus lists off the pets she takes care of, Hudson cuts in, “Well, hold on, I got three dogs, and [sic] they name is Oscar, Grammy, and Dreamgirl, okay?”

But fans aren’t necessarily on board

Unfortunately, Hudson isn’t pleasing everyone. Several The Voice fans on Twitter have taken to calling her “annoying” on the social media platform and demanding the show reinstate former coach Alicia Keys.

Despite all of this, Hudson appears to remain in good spirits. But she may not have to put up with these comments much longer: Hudson hasn’t signed on for the next season, and it looks like she’ll be replaced by another American Idol artist, Kelly Clarkson.

She has an interesting way of showing her approval

Hudson kicked off Season 13 with a shocking and hilarious moment. After a contestant’s performance, she (along with the other judges) threw items onto the stage.

As Adam Levine took off his jacket, etc., Hudson turned to Cyrus and asked for a silver pump. She placed it on the stage, telling the performer, “Where I come from, that’s a compliment.”

She’s eyeing another TV show

Jennifer Hudson and Trai Byers on Empire

Jennifer Hudson as Michelle and Trai Byers as Andre on Empire | HBO

While Hudson appears to be enjoying her time on The Voice, there’s another TV show she’s been thinking about — and it’s not a reality show.

In an interview with Cosmo, Hudson mentioned that she’d love to guest star on the HBO comedy Insecure, starring Issa Rae. Hudson has a little experience in scripted TV: She made multi-episode appearances on Smash in 2012 and Empire in 2015.

She’s still in touch with Beyoncé

Beyoncé Knowles and Jennifer Hudson perform Best Original Song nominee 'Love You I Do' from Dreamgirls

Beyoncé Knowles and Jennifer Hudson in 2007 | Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Though she finished in seventh place on Season 3 of American Idol, Hudson quickly became the show’s most successful contestant. She appeared as Effie in Dreamgirls in 2006, which earned her a Best Supporting Actress Oscar.

Last year, Hudson told E! News that she and her costar from the film, Beyoncé, still stay in touch, and she frequently attends the singer’s performances. In the Cosmo interview, she refers to the superstar as “sisterly.”

She’s still celebrating the role that made her famous

No matter how far she’s come in her career, Hudson is still very proud of her Academy Award-winning role. In fact, she’s recently taken to posting about the new director’s cut of the film, which just came out.

The new Blu-ray set contains special extras, including Hudson’s screen test for the role, in which she sang “And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going.” Hudson told EW that she “didn’t even know what a screen test was at the time,” and that during the audition, it “felt like [she] sang that song for about six hours straight.”

She’s very busy

Aside from her current The Voice gig, Hudson clearly has even more on her plate. Her Instagram shows her performing for a fundraising event, working on her Cosmo cover shoot, and even attending the concerts of other artists like Janet Jackson.

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