Jennifer Lawrence Confronted Anderson Cooper at a Party for Saying She Faked Her Oscar Fall

It’s been seven years since Jennifer Lawrence won an Oscar for her role in Silver Linings Playbook. But fans aren’t likely to forget her infamous fall up the stairs anytime soon. On the way to accept the award and give her speech, The Hunger Games alum tripped in her enormous ball gown. Though she seemed to recover well and still pulled off a coherent speech, the moment was, understandably, embarrassing for the actor.

Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence
Jennifer Lawrence | Stephane Cardinale – Corbis/Corbis via Getty Images

Recently, Lawrence opened up about her famous Oscar win and the fall that accompanied it. The Hunger Games star was a guest on Dear Media’s Absolutely Not Podcast with Heather McMahan and she spoke about the experience at length. The actor shared that she was superstitious and nervous about potentially receiving the award, but she was prepared with what she wanted to say in case she won. However, after she tripped up the steps, everything she planned on left her mind.

Jennifer Lawrence reflects on her Oscar win

“They call my name and I’m, you know, elated, in shock. I kind of, you know, you kind of blackout,” Lawrence shared about the moment they announced that she’d won the Oscar. “Like, I actually don’t remember what that moment felt like when they said my name. And then I fell and it just erased everything from my mind. And like my full brain went blank, I don’t know. I, I, you know, I can look back at it now I’m a little older fondly, but for a very long time, the fall thing was very sensitive.”

Dear Media’s Absolutely Not Podcast with Heather McMahan

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Jennifer was only 22 when she won the Oscar and was very embarrassed about her fall. As she had earned a reputation in the media for being a bit of a jokester, many people began speculating that she faked the fall in order to gain laughs. On the Dear Media podcast, Lawrence herself recalled that Anderson Cooper was someone who accused her of faking the fall.

The ‘Red Sparrow’ star confronted Anderson Cooper for saying she faked her Oscar fall

“I’m sorry, but Anderson Cooper, I saw him on CNN, like three days later saying like, ‘Well she’d obviously faked the fall.’ And it was so devastating because it was a horrific humiliation to me.” Lawrence shared. The actor continued on to share that the fall actually took away from the experience of winning an Oscar and she was devastated that she wasn’t able to give the speech she planned because she doesn’t know if she’ll ever have the opportunity to give a speech of that magnitude again.

But Lawrence didn’t take Cooper’s criticism lying down. When she saw him at a party, after he declared that her fall was a stunt, she took it upon herself to confront him. Lawrence began the conversation by asking if he knew what it was like to walk up stairs in a ballgown. “And I’ll tell you what,” Lawrence began. “I saw him at a Christmas party. And I let him know. My friend told me that a vein was bolting out.”

Lawrence and Cooper are friends now

Fortunately, the Hunger Games star was able to make peace with Cooper after he quickly extended his apologies. “But he apologized, and I think, I think we’re good friends now,” she shared. We can certainly understand why Lawrence was sensitive about her Oscar fall. As the actor has received two more Oscar nominations since her win, it’s likely that she’ll eventually get a do-over.