Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez Have Eggs and Turkey Bacon in Their Fridge ‘at All Times’, Their Personal Chef Says

Get ready to add turkey bacon and eggs to your grocery list because Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez’s personal chef opened up about what the celebrity couple keeps stocked in their fridge and those two items were mentioned.

Despite putting their reported Italian wedding on hold because of the coronavirus, J. Lo and A.Rod have been enjoying spending more time at home with their blended family. No matter what they’re doing, whether it’s participating in hilarious TikTok challenges or working, they stick to healthy diets. They’re both known for their healthy lifestyles but now we know they always keep eggs and turkey bacon in their fridge. 

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez
Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez | ANGELA WEISS/AFP via Getty Images

Their fridge must-haves include fruits, vegetables, turkey bacon, and ‘fresh egg whites’

During an interview with UsFood, J.Lo and A.Rod’s personal chef of nearly two years, Kelvin Fernandez, opened up about what the couple keeps stocked in their fridge. Aside from some not-so-healthy snacks for the kids, they always have a few things in their kitchen. 

“Turkey bacon is a must at all times and fresh egg whites,” Fernandez said before adding, “Eggs is always the biggest one.”

What else can always be found in their fridge? 

“Always fruits and vegetables, like strawberries, even though Jennifer is not a big fruit person,” he added. 

Always wanted to eat like a J. Lo or A.Rod? Stock your own fridge with fruits, vegetables, egg whites, and turkey bacon. 

J. Lo and A.Rod have a history of healthy eating 

It’s not surprising that J. Lo and A.Rod make it a point to keep healthy foods in their kitchen. Eating has long been part of their jobs. A former MLB player, A. Rod spent years having to be disciplined about his food choices.

During an interview in 2017, he said he ate egg whites for breakfast on a daily basis. Judging by what he and J.Lo’s personal chef said, he still opts to start his day off with egg whites. As for J. Lo, eating healthy isn’t just a lifestyle, it keeps her ready for any movie roles, photoshoots, or concert tours. 

J.Lo eats healthy to prep for movie roles 

J. Lo’s incredibly disciplined when it comes to her own diet and exercise routine. But for her, it not only has health benefits but it also comes in handy when she’s prepping for a movie.

In 2019, J. Lo starred in Hustlers and while there had been lots of Oscar buzz surrounding her performance — ultimately she didn’t get a nod from the Academy — audiences wondered how she got in shape before filming started. 

She learned how to pole dance but admitted that it had been one of the most challenging things she’s ever done. And that’s coming from someone who makes it a point to exercise on a daily basis.

Her eating habits combined with her affinity for the gym not only helped her prep for Hustlers but it ensures she’s ready whenever a physically demanding movie role comes along. Plus, when she’s not starring in movies she’s singing and dancing in front of crowds, yet another part of her career in the entertainment industry that requires her to be in the best shape possible.