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Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony were married for 10 years. Lopez says divorcing Anthony was difficult. This was partly because she was concerned about the impact their separation would have on their children. Here’s what J.Lo said about not wanting to “break up” her family.

Jennifer Lopez still believes in love

Jennifer Lopez poses on the red carpet in a bejeweled top and purple satin skirt.
Jennifer Lopez | David Crotty/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images

Lopez spoke to Katie Couric about her career and love life at the beginning of her first world tour back in 2012. When the subject turns to her multiple marriages, Lopez admits she’s trying to get things right. However, she still believes in love.

“I believe in love, I believe in marriage,” says Lopez. “I believe in that; I’m just trying to get it right. I’m just like anybody else.” Lopez also says she believes people can live happily ever after, and she’s willing to work to have that in her life. (Lopez and Ben Affleck got engaged again, so it looks like she’s on her way to her happily ever after.)

Jennifer Lopez didn’t want to ‘break up’ her family

Lopez says she and Anthony remained friends after the divorce. She admits that the divorce was tough, but she and her ex-husband were able to work things out and continue the friendship they developed before they became husband and wife.

“We’re doing good and we’re proud of that,” Lopez tells Couric. “We’re proud of how we’ve handled this. It was a really tough decision to make, and one that in your heart is always going to just affect you.”

Lopez seemed emotional the more she spoke about the end of her marriage and how difficult it was for her and her family. She says the last thing she wanted to do was break up their family unit. Lopez once said she wanted Anthony to stay and fight for their family.

“You never want to break up a family,” says Lopez. “That wasn’t my dream. My dream was for us to always be together. But things don’t work out, and you feel like it’s the better choice. We love our kids, and we have love for each other, and we always will. And we’re friends. We were friends before, and we’re friends now. Thank God that didn’t change.” (Lopez says her hardest work involves co-parenting with Marc Anthony.)

Why Jennifer Lopez got personal during her first world tour

Couric mentioned that Lopez basically told the story of her life through her songs when she did her first world tour. She asked why Lopez decided to “put it all out there.”

“When I was putting the show together, I was thinking to myself, ‘What story do I want to tell?’” says Lopez. “And I just felt like it’s my responsibility to my fans to be honest.”

Lopez says the tour allowed her to tell her story the way she wanted. “I get to say how I feel, and [the fans] get to hear it from me,” she continues. “It was a safe place to do that because it’s not somebody interpreting what I say or writing about it. My music is very personal, so I can’t help but [get personal] when I do the show.”

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