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Jennifer Lopez has a hectic schedule that keeps her very busy. Although she works hard, she pays attention to how much sleep she gets. Here’s what J.Lo said about her sleep habits.

Jennifer Lopez goes to bed at 5:00 a.m.

Jennifer Lopez poses in a powder blue dress at the Los Angeles premiere of The Tender Bar, starring Ben Affleck
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Lopez has an unusual sleep schedule. She once told Variety she typically doesn’t get to sleep until 4 or 5 in the morning. If the Hustlers star has an early call, she goes to bed earlier so she can wake up refreshed. Lopez says she goes to sleep late because it’s convenient for her. “That’s a better schedule for me,” she tells the publication.

David Kirsch, one of Lopez’s personal trainers, says Lopez looks so great because she practices basic self-care. She’s aware that looking your best doesn’t have to involve a complicated routine.

“Jennifer is meticulous about her eating, sleeping, and generally about everything in her life,” Kirsch tells Vogue. “It’s not just a physical thing—it’s about transforming every aspect of your life. The common denominator is always sleep. Resting and restoring is so important for your recovery and overall wellness.”

Jennifer Lopez doesn’t use sleep aids or mediation to fall asleep

Lopez tells Vanity Fair she has no problems falling asleep. She says she doesn’t need sleep aids such as melatonin. Once she goes to bed, she’s out for the night. “I don’t have to take melatonin; I don’t have to read a book, I don’t need a meditation app. I hit that pillow and I’m out,” says Lopez.

Lopez says it’s important for her to take care of herself, especially when she’s doing a movie, because there are days when she’s required to arrive early. “You get just a few hours to yourself, to kind of rejuvenate and sleep, and try to be your best again the next day,” says Lopez.

Lopez says she doesn’t let anything interrupt her sleep. “For me, probably sleep is the most important thing. That’s the one thing I don’t let get interrupted. If I have an early call, I’ll be in bed early. They give you about a 12-hour turnaround, but usually it’s more like 10 or 8. So you just have to be disciplined. I have to be disciplined about it. I come home and I just go to sleep.”

How many hours of sleep does Jennifer Lopez get?

Lopez goes to bed at an unusual hour, but she doesn’t slack off when it comes to sleep. Lopez tells Dr. Oz she aims for 6 to 8 hours of sleep a night. However, she would prefer to get 11 hours of sleep a night if she could. You might wonder what time Lopez wakes up since she goes to sleep at 5:00 a.m. She reportedly wakes up anywhere from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

Exercise and skincare are also an important part of Lopez’s daily routine. She shared her step-by-step post-workout routine with her fans. It involves taking time to properly cleanse, prep, and moisturize her skin.

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