Jennifer Lopez’s Mom Once Chased Paparazzi Away With a Water Gun

Jennifer Lopez often talks about the close relationship she has with her mother, Guadalupe Rodriguez. Here’s what Lopez once said about the time her mother chased paparazzi away with a water gun.

Jennifer Lopez and her mother are close

Guadalupe Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez | Lou Rocco/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images
Guadalupe Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez | Lou Rocco/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images

In her book True Love, Lopez talks about her past romantic relationships as well as the love she has for her family. She says one of the closest bonds she has is with her mother.

“When I’m feeling down or vulnerable or alone, the only thing I know is that I want my mom there,” wrote Lopez. “I know she’ll do anything to make sure that I’m OK. She’ll hug me, make jokes, and even sleep in my bed with me if I’m lonely. Whenever I need her, she’s there.”

Jennifer Lopez’s day with her family was interrupted by paparazzi

Lopez recalled the time she went to the park with her mother and her children, Max and Emme. She says she was happy to finally have some time to spend with her family. Her children saw a booth selling toys and candy, so they walked over to see what was there. Lopez told them they could each have one toy, so they picked water guns. “We filled them up with water, and the kids started squirting each other and running around laughing,” she wrote.

Lopez didn’t think she would be noticed at the park, but she was wrong. Paparazzi began to surround them. They were having fun until their family time was interrupted by photographers trying to take photos.  

The day Jennifer Lopez’s mom chased paparazzi with a water gun

At one point, the paparazzi got a little too close. Lopez says she was uncomfortable because her children were with her, and she didn’t like strangers being so close to them. “The photographers kept snapping away, and they kept getting closer and closer,” wrote Lopez. “The paparazzi in Paris aren’t the most polite or respectful. I didn’t like how close they were getting, especially since I had the kids with me.”

Lopez decided to have a little fun. She says she dared her mother to shoot a water gun at the group of photographers. Surprisingly, her mother accepted the challenge. “She snatched a water pistol out of my hand, charging those photographers like a mama bear on a rampage.”

The paparazzi took that as their cue to leave and began running. Lopez says her mom had knee surgery a few weeks earlier, but that didn’t stop her form “limp running” toward the photographers and spraying them with water.

Jennifer Lopez says her mom makes her laugh

Lopez says she loves that her mother can make her laugh. Sharing a laugh with her mother has helped her get through difficult times. “The one thing I love about my mom is that she makes me laugh like nobody else—it’s like we’re connected at the funny bone or something,” wrote Lopez. “Whenever I’m having a hard time, I want her there, because she says and does things that always make me feel better.”

Seeing her mother run after the paparazzi was funny, but it also reminded Lopez how much her mother cares for her. “Mom chased after those photographers because she always has my back, no matter what,” she continued. “Because there’s something about a mother’s love for her kids that transcends everything.”

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