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When nominations for the 2020 Academy Awards were announced in mid-January, cinema fans were stunned. After the 2016 #OscarsSoWhite campaign — The Academy had seemingly made an effort to make sure that the films celebrated were a diverse set that included both people of color and women.

Unfortunately, things did not pan out that way. Though we had an astounding number of great films like Little Women and Hustlers in 2019 — movies like these were hardly nominated in major categories. In fact, after her dazzling performance in Hustlers — people are downright offended that Jennifer Lopez was snubbed in the Best Actress category.

Fans and critics were so alarmed by the snub that #JusticeForJLo began trending on Twitter, but how does Lopez herself feel about being shut out of the Oscars race.

‘Hustlers’ is about women betting on themselves

Based on the viral 2015 New York Magazine article, “The Hustlers at Score,” Lorene Scafaria’s Hustlers is a fast-paced roller coaster that puts women center stage. The movie follows Destiny (Constance Wu), a stripper trying to find her footing in one of New York’s biggest strip clubs. Desperate to get a leg up and make some real money, she begins looking up to Ramona (Lopez) — the queen of the club.

The women live lavishly for some time. However, when the market folds in Sept. 2008 — their lifestyles plummet. Together, Ramona and Destiny come up with a scheme to rip off some of their biggest clients.

From the stories of sisterhood to the gorgeous dancing and emotional moments — Hustlers was one of the best films of 2019.

The Academy has snubbed Jennifer Lopez before

Lopez got her start in the film industry in 1997 when she snagged the titular role in Selena based on the late singer, Selena Quintanilla-Pérez. The Queen of Tejano music was murdered at the age of 23, just as she was crossing over by the president of her fan club.

Lopez put her heart and soul into the Selena movie, and she became the first Latinx person to receive $1 million for a starring role. Unfortunately, Lopez was snubbed back then for her work as well. “J. Lo is an amazing actress. She deserves that win just like she did in 1998,” one person tweeted. “Her acting ability in Hustlers and Selena was AMAZING IN EVERY WAY.”

Another person added, “Am is surprised @TheAcademy snubbed @JLo? No, they have always snubbed her throughout her entire career from her small scene-stealing performance in Mi Familia to Selena and Out of SightEl Cantante & now Hustlers.”

Jennifer Lopez has responded to her Oscars snub

According to Hollywood Life, Lopez is. “bummed and disappointed by the Oscar snub.” However, the entertainer is currently preparing for her forthcoming performance at Super Bowl LIV with Shakira — so she’s looking ahead as she continues to add to her stellar career.

Obviously, this is not the news that anyone wanted for Lopez — she certainly deserved a nomination. However, considering who was nominated it looks like it’s time for another shakeup at The Academy.

As Issa Rae said while announcing the nominees, “Congratulations to these men.”