Jennifer Lopez Reconnects with Matthew McConaughey Over ‘The Wedding Planner’ and Teases Sequel

It has been years since The Wedding Planner (2001) hit theaters and it continues to rank as one of the top wedding movies of all time.

Featuring Jennifer Lopez as Mary Fiore and Matthew McConaughey as Dr. Steve Edison, the film tells the story of a wedding planner who falls for a client and continues to swoon over him throughout the film. Upon its release, it was a commercial success, achieving tens of millions at the box office, despite being panned by critics.

Nearly 20 years after starring in the film, Lopez and McConaughey reconnected on social media during the week of April 26 and talked about the movie, including the possibility of a sequel.

Matthew McConaughey and Jennifer Lopez on the set of 'The Wedding Planner' in 2001
Matthew McConaughey and Jennifer Lopez on the set of ‘The Wedding Planner’ in 2001 | Columbia Pictures/Getty Images

Jennifer Lopez and Matthew McConaughey’s social media reunion

This all started on April 30 when Lopez shared a clip from the film on Twitter. In it, Mary vents to Steve about her love life after discovering her former fiancé had moved on and was expecting a baby with another woman.

“You are enough …” Lopez captioned the clip, tagging McConaughey in the post.

In response, he tweeted, “You are more than enough.”

A day later, the Mud actor tweeted a video where he talked about how he got the role and what it was like to work with Lopez. He confessed that he loved starring alongside the “On the Floor” singer and praised her acting abilities.

“I’ve always called her a quad threat,” he said. “What does she not do? That girl works her backside off, on everything. She does not just show up and wing it at all. She’s like clockwork. Just hammers it and knocks it out.”

After catching on to the video, Lopez tweeted, “Let’s do it again soon!”

Fan reactions to the remarks

It’s unclear if anything will actually come of this conversation but judging from social media, fans are totally ready for part two. Hitting the comment section, they gushed over the possibility of a second film and urged the actors to make it happen.

“A another classic movie together Queen please!!!” wrote one fan while another said: “Oh my god! That would be awesome.”

“That movie was the BEST! One of my all time favs!!” said a third fan.

At some point, there was actually a sequel in the works

In February of 2019, screenwriter Michael Ellis told Entertainment Weekly that he was, at one point, interested in making a trilogy to continue Mary and Steve’s story.

Ellis said Mary would “become a bridezilla,” leading to her fallout with her BFF Penny. “There’d be some grit to it…. they realize that in the first movie maybe they weren’t looking at each other realistically. There were some interesting romantic questions there.”

He also said that Mary’s interests would change and that she would want a bigger wedding instead of a lowkey, seaside ceremony like she dreamt of in the 2001 film.

“We’d also batted around the idea that, during the planning of the wedding, Mary found out she’s pregnant…. Which would lead to the third movie: Mary planning her daughter’s wedding!” Ellis went on. He noted that Mary and Steve would have broken up before the third film but would reconcile while planning their daughter’s ceremony.

In addition to that, Ellis also wanted to make a TV show based on the film where Mary would plan a new wedding in each episode. He said ABC ordered a pilot in 2006 but ultimately decided not to move forward with it.

“In that version, Mary and Steve didn’t make it, so she was on the market again,” Ellis added. “[But] Steve came back at the end of season 1, like her version of [Sex and the City’s] Mr. Big.”