Jennifer Lopez Says Sex Scene With Ryan Guzman Was ‘Uncomfortable’ and ‘Embarrassing’ in ‘The Boy Next Door’

Jennifer Lopez has starred in many movies throughout her entertainment career. Some of those movies have scenes that will leave you blushing. J.Lo says her sex scene with co-star Ryan Guzman in The Boy Next Door was “uncomfortable” and “embarrassing.”

Jennifer Lopez identified with her character in ‘The Boy Next Door’

Jennifer Lopez and Ryan Guzman stand next to each other and smile
Jennifer Lopez and Ryan Guzman | Chris Polk/PMA2014/Getty Images for dcp

Lopez says she could relate to the movie because it focuses on a woman (Claire Peterson) who is at a point in her life where her marriage falls apart, and she’s in danger of losing her family. Lopez says the character is relatable because the story is based on something “true, real, and emotional.”

“For me, Claire Peterson was a very relatable character,” says Lopez during her interview with the Build Series. Lopez says it was an entertaining and fun film, but it was also based in reality. “A lot of people understand what it is to be in a relationship that’s falling apart.”

Guzman says playing two different sides of one character was challenging. “It was crazy,” he tells the Build Series. “Some days, I would be happy and crazy at the same time. And I would go home and wonder, ‘Who the hell am I?’” Guzman says whenever a scene ended, he would try to keep things light and have fun.

Jennifer Lopez was ‘uncomfortable’ during her sex scene in ‘The Boy Next Door’

When Ryan Seacrest asked Lopez about her sex scene with Guzman, she says the scene wasn’t fun. Instead, she described that part of the movie as “awkward and a little uncomfortable.” However, she says she tried to “get into” the scene so that it looked realistic.

Lopez admits she wasn’t completely comfortable during her sex scene. She even went as far as saying the scenes were “embarrassing.” The intensity at times was tough for the actor to handle.

 “It was intense,” Lopez tells E! “Those scenes are embarrassing. They are uncomfortable, but your job as an actress and an actor is to make it believable. And this movie in particular, with these two characters, the whole movie hinges on if that scene was believable. If it was enough to make this guy go insane.”

Jennifer Lopez bared her body in ‘The Boy Next Door’

Although Lopez sometimes uses a body double, she says she chose not to for this movie. She tells E! that it was her body in the sex scene. “It was all me,” Lopez tells E!  “And all Ryan, by the way,” she adds.

Lopez hasn’t always been comfortable with nudity. She once told Jimmy Kimmel the racy scene in her movie Parker, starring Jason Statham, was “awful.” She didn’t like having so many people around while she stripped down to her underwear. She says when it was time for her big scene the room got so quiet you could “hear a pin drop.”

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