Jennifer Lopez Swears By These 3 Things to Prevent Aging

It seems that no matter how old Jennifer Lopez gets, she always seems to look younger. The “Hustlers” star turned 50 in July, but nobody would ever know it by looking at her. Now, she’s planning her wedding to former MLB player Alex Rodriguez — and there are three main things Lopez swears by to keeping her looking so incredibly young.

Jennifer Lopez
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Lopez often turns heads because of her lack of aging

It’s hard to deny that Jennifer Lopez is someone who hasn’t aged a day in two decades. When the Bronx-born superstar first stepped onto the movie and music scene in the 1990s, she could never have imagined the success she’d see so many years later. But now, more than 20 years after she starred in her breakout film, “Selena,” it seems like she’s hardly aged at all. In July 2019, Lopez celebrated her 50th birthday alongside her fiancé Alex Rodriguez and her kids, Max and Emme, and she continues to impress people with her toned body, wrinkle-free skin, and flawless hair. 

She has an intense diet and exercise routine

Lopez might seem ageless, but that doesn’t come without some hard work. The singer and actress puts a lot of hours in at the gym to make sure she stays in good shape. She works with personal trainers three or four times per week to stay as toned as possible. And she recently realized that all of her dancing had caused her to lose muscle, so she started to incorporate weight training to make sure she kept that muscle tone. According to Harper’s Bazaar, Lopez always makes sure to stay hydrated — which has likely helped her skin stay so clear and wrinkle-free for all these years. But there are three things specifically that have helped her fight off aging through the years.

The singer swears by no caffeine, no alcohol, and plenty of sleep to prevent aging

Lopez eliminated two things from her diet long ago: Caffeine and alcohol. She once told Hollywood Life that she hasn’t “had caffeine in years.” Lopez also cut alcohol from her diet; though certain types of alcohol have been shown to improve overall health, there is mixed research on the subject; Lopez chooses to avoid it altogether. But something else she does, which most celebrities don’t, is get plenty of sleep. Adults should be getting somewhere between seven and eight hours of sleep each night, so Lopez makes sure to go to bed early. It also helps her have more energy throughout the day. 

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She’s currently planning her wedding to former MLB star Alex Rodriguez

Lopez’s life seems to just keep getting better. She’s still making headlines and is currently on a massive tour. Plus, in her spare time, she’s planning her wedding to former baseball star Alex Rodriguez. The two began dating in 2017 after running into each other at a restaurant, and less than two years later, Rodriguez proposed. Lopez always gushes about their blended family (they each have two kids from a previous marriage), and it seems she is truly happy with where her life has led her.